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Stress incontinence. It happens when you laugh or sneeze vigorously. Been there, done that. And now that the koa are in bloom in Hawaii, been doing it more frequently.

Incontinence and/or stress incontinence afflicts so many women after menopause as our pelvic floor muscles weaken. Just one more of the many gifts of midlife.

Leakage is annoying and uncomfortable. So when Heather at In Control Medical told me that their new Apex M device was not only effective for incontinence generally, it could reduce or stop stress incontinence. It involves no surgery, drugs, or invasive treatment; just naturally helps strengthen the weak pelvic floor muscles. I jumped at the chance to try it.

As per instructions, I used it 10 minutes per day, six days a week. Because it is inserted into the vagina, at first it felt a little like a self administered pap smear. A little more lubrication and I got used to it.

After only two weeks, I noticed a difference. Much less leakage and sometimes, none at all even when sneezing one of those sneezes that seems to originate in my toes.

After six weeks, I can sneeze with the best of them, confident that I won’t leak. Hurray! All the kegel exercises in the world didn’t come close to helping. And believe me, I tried.

You all know how much I love treatments and remedies that work without side effects. So I can heartily recommend the Apex M for all of us who need a little toning of those pelvic floor muscles.

Here are the experiences of some more women who tried the Apex M – it works for urinary or fecal incontinence as well.

Best of all, if you try it and aren’t happy with the results after 90 days, In Control Medical will give you a full refund. And they have nurses available by phone to help if need be.

Find out more about this FDA approved device (Apex M) on their website: In Control Medical. Stay cool AND stay dry, goddesses.