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I’ve had the opportunity to (read pleasure of) trying two new products recently that offer significant natural help for the menopause journey.

#1 – the Koldtec towel

Staying cool is always a challenge for menopause goddesses, particularly in the summer months. It is definitely hot here in Hawaii, so when the Koldtec towel arrived in my mailbox, I was downright giddy.

It’s long been known that cooling the neck cools the whole body and that’s just how the Koldtec towel works. But unlike my waterlogged bandana, it lasts a very long time and it doesn’t look ridiculous. It looks more like an exercise scarf.

I’ve  tried it on the golf course and walking, as well as in the midst of hot flashing – and it is terrific. It’s nice looking, so I don’t mind wearing it in public. The special non-toxic “ice” (patented Flexice) is refreezable. The towel (scarf) itself is washable when the ice is removed.

I have to say, I love it. My husband borrowed it – so, sigh, it looks like I will need to buy another one just for him. Here’s a link where you can buy it: Koldtec Cooling towel It’s also in the Menopause Marketplace.

#2 Chiavaye oil personal moisturizer

Vaginal health is a personal crusade of mine. Even if we are not sexually active, it is critically important to keep our vagina and urinary system in optimum health. When Kaylyn Easton sent me a sample of this all natural lubricant and moisturizer, I was anxious to try it. And it is wonderful. It’s not greasy feeling at all – it feels like natural moisture. It’s also a great lubricant for sexual intimacy – and it’s edible. This coconut oil based product is a new favorite of mine. Here’s a link to learn more or purchase it: Chiavaye oil.  And, of course, you can find it in the Menopause Marketplace as well.

I’ll let Kaylyn tell you a little more in her own words:


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