A few weeks ago, I wrote about a girlfriend’s trip I took with Theresa Venus to Flagstaff to work with our writing coach. It was flat out wonderful (if you missed the post, click here to read about it.)

Not only was it a wonderful reboot and time out of time, but it gave us a chance to get our creative mojo going again. One of the benefits of the Pause is that our creativity seems to flower. Maybe it’s because we finally have a little time to ourselves, maybe it’s a different way of being “fertile”, or maybe it’s because we aren’t afraid to try new things. Whatever the reason, I hear from so many women that they have begun quilting, photographing, or writing. I realize that ALL of our original goddess group are exploring and enjoying creative outlets.

I started writing fiction a couple of years ago – because why not? The book police won’t take me away if I’m no good at it – what if I just enjoyed it? Could that be enough? Absolutely. And it’s good exercise for my brain to learn something new. It’s a win on so many levels.

That said, I wanted to let all of you goddesses know that our writing coach, author Mary Sojourner, is teaching a weekend workshop near beautiful Lake Tahoe the first weekend in October. If you’ve ever wanted to write or want to kickstart your creativity, you should join us for this nurturing, delicious offering.  It doesn’t matter if you have no experience or want to write memoir or try poetry or what have you. This is a great place to start. The aspen leaves should be turning by then and nature will feed us with her bounty as well. I’ve attached the brochure here and feel free to email me at lynette@9points.com for more info. We hope to see you there.

Brochure link below – click on it and then double click on the thumbnail to see it full size:

JUST WRITE really final copy.compressed

You can order Mary’s latest book of short stories “The Talker”  on Amazon. And her most recent novel, 29, is a great read.  Also check out Mary’s website: Breakthroughwriting.net and sign up for her weekly writing tips.