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September is National Menopause Month, so let’s celebrate!

This week, we are blessed to present this guest post and fabulous giveaway from Kaylyn Easton, Chief Lube Officer and Founder of Chiavaye personal moistuizer. She sent me a sample to try a while ago and I was so knocked out with it, I bought a full size bottle immediately. I use it every day. Read and enjoy – it’s easy to enter the giveaway – details at the end of the post.

Sex, Menopause, Endometriosis and More! by Kaylyn Easton

How does a former journalist decide to start selling lube?
It’s the number one question I’m asked when introducing Chiavaye to a new friend or random stranger, “How does someone just decide to start a lube company?”
The answer is really quite simple — YOU. Real women (and men) with real stories and important needs for sexual health.

I’ve suffered from stage four endometriosis my entire adult life.

The experience with this unique and often debilitating disease has created a vast wealth of knowledge about bodily conditions for my female self. Surgeries, medications, side-effects, treatments, and symptoms have rocked my lady parts since I first started having endometriosis issues. Often I found myself digging into books to learn all I could about vaginal tissue and skincare. You can read my full endometriosis story here along with my path to holistic healing. But it’s only one part of the equation.

My amazing mom, sharing her experiences with menopause, became part of the inspiration.
I am grateful for my mom’s casual and honest approach to sexual health. She never made talking about the body taboo or wrong. Just normal. She and her friends shared personal experiences about the transition into their golden years. While there are plenty of positive aspects to menopause (seriously! read the blog), it’s a pivotal stage in a woman’s life that can present extreme dryness, irritation, pain, tearing, discomfort during intimacy, and extremely sensitive skin. Using a lubricant and personal moisturizer can ease the fear of pain during sex and soothe skin.

Babies, Babies Everywhere
My girlfriends getting pregnant and having children were keen to provide honest perspectives into all things sexual wellness. When you push a baby (roughly the size of a watermelon) out of your vagina – things are bound to change. And boy do they! Not only needing to nourish the skin while it recovers from childbirth but dealing with inconsistent bouts of vaginal dryness due to breastfeeding or pain during intercourse. Becoming a mom is a huge responsibility and women shouldn’t have added stress from vaginal issues.

Thus, Chiavare was born!
Women just like YOU – sharing their stories inspired me to create a healthy, natural product that could nourish, hydrate, and provide relief where its needed most. It’s important to have a product to carry us through each beautiful stage of life. The six ingredients in Chiavaye have been specifically chosen to benefit vaginal skin. Use Chiavaye daily as a personal moisturizer or with a partner for sex. It won’t stain clothes or sheets and is so pure that many women double-up Chiavare as a facial serum or makeup remover. We kid you not!

Sex, Menopause, Endometriosis and More!
Chiavaye, is an old Italian word that means “to have sex” or to “unlock with a key.” I think it is perfect name for a product intended to be a solution for female sexual wellness.

The Chiavaye Mission
Our mission is to make sexual health not x-rated, but actually about health. Female wellness should be mainstream, and we are so grateful to our Chiavare Family for supporting us along the way! #livelaughlube

Win A Free Bottle Of Chiavaye
Giveaway time! It’s menopause month and you deserve a treat. Win a Chiavaye mini bottle by answering the following question in the comments section of this blog. Winner will be chosen at random on 9/21/18.
What’s your favorite piece of wisdom you’ve learned since starting menopause?