Menopause really shouldn’t be a misery … or a mystery. So say our friends at Genneve and they have put together a series of 9 videos talking with experts on some of menopause’s biggest challenges:

  1. Relationships, sex, and libido with sex therapist and author of the book Sex Without Stress, Jessa Zimmerman.
  2. Understanding your emotions in menopause, with Dr. Lucy Puryear, ob/gyn and psychologist.
  3. De-mystifying HRT with Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, ob/gyn and genneve Director of Health.
  4. Managing hot flashes (and other hormonal imbalances) with Certified Women’s Health and Nutrition Specialist, Nicole Negron.
  5. The care and feeding of your brain with neuroscientist, neuro-nutritionist, and author of Brain Food: The Surprising Science of Eating for Cognitive Power, Dr. Lisa Mosconi
  6. Aging gracefully, stay strong, exercises with Coach Lesley Mettler.
  7. Managing sleep with Naturopathic Doctor and Dean of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University, Dr. Arianna Staruch.
  8. The ins and outs of incontinence with licensed doctor of physical therapy and certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner, Dr. Susie Gronski.
  9. Building your tribe with Lynette Sheppard, former Nurse-Manager, head of Intensive Care and Coronary Care units, and author of Becoming a Menopause Goddess

Jill Angelo, CEO of Genneve introduces the series for us here:

So how to get these nine free videos? Just take this survey and shortly after you’ve completed it, you’ll receive a link to all 9. I took the survey because even though I am a presenter and able to see all 9 for myself, I participated. Because anytime I can contribute to knowledge about menopause, I’m there! Here’s the link:  9 Acts to Managing Menopause.