Celebration © lynette sheppard

Kaylyn Easton and I decided that we needed two winners rather than just one. We are delighted to announce our winners of the Chiavaye oil giveaway:  Christina Williams and Ivy. There were so many terrific wisdom slices shared with us – I hope all readers had a chance to peruse them. If not, they are in the comments for the Chiavare posts.

Christina Williams shared this:
There is a freedom that arrives during this time of transition for a woman, a stripping of pretense, the need to please, an awakening inside that only this time of change in life can bring. A true stepping into who you are and in this change there is an allowance for life to really fully begin.
We couldn’t agree more.
And Ivy offered:  ‘Don’t isolate yourself. You are NOT alone in what you’re going through.’ Whew. Music to my ears, as this introvert tends to do just that when I get frustrated, sad or mad! Also, do not try and compete with twenty-somethings…for anyTHING or anyONE. It’s not worth it. I’m 52, and it’s a beautiful thing to be here!
So so so true! We goddesses feel we’d never had made it through without one another!
Congratulations to our winners – Kaylyn will be contacting you both via email to get addresses for mailing out your Chiavaye. If you like it as much as I do, you’ll be ordering it in a large size soon.