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Olga Cohen shares her personal journey to vaginal health in this guest post. She was inspired with her physician to create a natural remedy for vaginal dryness – here is her story.

Vaginal Health – Naturally

by Olga Cohen

Most women enter peri-menopause or menopause experience some difficulties with the change in their bodies. For me it was very difficult. I was 43 years old…and that was the last time I got a period.

Since I suffered from endometriosis, I thought, “This is great! No more periods and no more endometrium pain every month when I ovulate!” Sure enough, the cutting pain I experienced each month was gone, but unfortunately, as one symptom disappeared, it was replaced with something else. Extreme hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and vaginal dryness, all of those things. But at least the endometrium pain had disappeared!

My doctor put me on hardcore hormones, which I took for over 10 years. But, after all the bad press about hormone replacement therapy, I weaned off my pills. Then, all my symptoms returned with a vengeance.

I couldn’t believe that there was no relief, at least for some of my problems. Sex was an important part of our life. The dryness I suffered made it painful and unpleasant. So, in desperation, I bought the advertised over-the-counter products to help eliminate painful sex. I learned quickly that they were filled with artificial ingredients, and parabens (artificial preservatives that can be carcenogenic). I hated the way it felt – cold and slimy, with no long term results.

I come from the cosmetic manufacturing business, so I started researching alternatives using natural lubrication. I also worked with a renowned doctor in Manhattan, Dr. Leo Galland, who helped me put together a formula of natural oils and vitamins to eliminate vaginal dryness.

Sure enough, It worked!

When I went for my annual gynecological check- up, my gynecologist, Dr. Miriam Greene was astounded at how healthy and supple my vagina looked.

The rest is history!

These two dedicated doctors became involved with me in getting the word out that there is a natural solution to help with vaginal dryness… and that’s when Vaginal Renewal Complex was born.

I felt compelled to try and help other women struggling with peri- or post- menopausal symptoms, like vaginal dryness and painful sex. Learning about the ingredients was key to realizing that there is a natural solution. I have been on my own regimen for over 8 years, and it really works!

I speak with women all day and some of their stories are compelling. I have met some remarkable women as these discussions can be most personal and intimate, but the one thing they all have in common is the desire to feel healthy physically and sexually.

This has become my passion and mission for the last six years. My motto is Women helping Women. I encourage women to talk about their issues and share their stories so others can see that there is a solution to feeling good at any age.

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