Would you like to be cooled off while saving energy? Those of us who suffer hot flashes and heat intolerance are the perfect target audience for a new device that does just that. Mobile Comfort’s RoCo personal air conditioner is a revolutionary product developed in collaboration with the University of Maryland and the US Dept. of Energy. The RoCo will be available for beta testing this summer during peak heat. Sure, it’s cold now but summer always has us wishing for a little cooling respite.

Take a look at it:

RoCo prototype

The best part? Volunteers are needed to beta test this new technology. After completing the test and a brief satisfaction survey, all volunteers will be entered for a chance to win a free one! The developers are smart enough to know that most Menopause Goddesses are in desperate need of personal air conditioning.

If you are interested in testing the RoCo in your home or office, just apply on the Mobile Comfort website before April 30, 2019. I’m going to be testing it myself. Be sure to note in the optional field at the bottom of the form that you are a menopause goddess, so we can be singled out for inclusion as beta testers. Click here to sign up!

For more info on RoCo, click here. Please note that the test will not be limited to the cities listed in this news release, so be sure to apply to test it.

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