Take a break from the holidays for some “me time” reading:

Wonder just what goes on in your body during menopause? It affects all systems, not just our reproductive organs. Check out this informative artlcle on Healthline (a great website!). Click here to read about Effects of Menopause on the Body.  And scroll down on their site after you finish it for more great menopause articles.

Menopause Goddess Jessica Levin shares her personal menopause journey from shock and disbelief to knowledge and coping. You won’t want to miss this – click here for her MS. Magazine article “To Menopause and Beyond”.

Author Linda Condrillo has a terrific new book out with humor and help for menopause goddesses:  Period, The End.  Wit Wisdom, and Practical Guidance for Women in Menopause – and Beyond. (I love the title!).

She not only shares her own experiences but mines perfect nuggets from experts and real-life women. There are even recipes and natural remedies you can make at home. Gift this to all your menopausal and premenopausal friends. It’s easy to read and will make you laugh til you cry. Or pee. Or both.

Available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats:  Click here.