As you know from my most recent post, I am on “sabbatical” this year. But what if you can’t take a year? Or six months? Yet, you desire to make a change and find out who you are to be for your Second Act. Tania Carriere of Advivum Journeys has designed the Radical Sabbatical with just that in mind. This April 2019 retreat in England will allow for re-creation and re-visioning. And get this: she is offering the retreat at 50% off for Menopause Goddess Readers. So instead of paying $4900 US, you pay only $2450. This includes the 5 day workshop, workbooks and coaching sessions, accomodation, and food. (Full description here: .) I’ve been involved in two of Tania’s retreats here in Hawaii and I can promise you that this will be life changing and life enhancing.
Here’s what Tania is offering in her own words:
This retreat is both a pause and a quest. It has the intention of being a playground in which you can architect the next stage of your life and rekindle a sense of wonder, excitement and commitment to the passions that matter to you most. This a time to pause, take stock, reflect and reorient. Who do you want to be now? What is the direction you will choose to take for this next phase? What dreams still await to be discovered or answered?
And because all of our retreats also include creative discovery and travel we will also:
  • hike and get in touch with nature – using footpaths which are centuries old  (...cross the field to the brow of the hill, keeping the crop of trees on your right…) reflecting, noticing your beliefs and decision making style along the way. Your strengths and challenges orienteering likely mirror your patterns in your career, life planning and pursuit of purpose!


  • Step back into history and see the real England – Be inspired by living in Goodnestone manor as Jane Austen did when she wrote Pride and Prejudice, warm yourself by the fire in the Griffin’s Head pub that was built in the 1200’s, get back to nature while wandering through an award-winning English garden and learn from her 4 full time gardeners or the 400 year old trees!
Who is it for?
  • if you are wondering “what’s next”. Time for a new path in life? Recommitment to the one you are on? Pitstop and get your bearings? Arrive a little lost, leave a little found!
  • if you’ve promised to find life balance –  be intentional and present, reconnect to whatever matters most. Rejuvenate and finally breathe deeply.
  • if you need to re-energize. Have you lost a little of your enthusiasm? Day to day demands, success and focused effort can leave you a little depleted. Come refuel.
Will you join me?
Will you send one of your team and have them return recommitted their sense of possibility and direction? 
Is there someone who you want to come with? 
If not now, when?
This work is my passion.
I asked myself, “if I could create something that tapped into all the things that I love most – discovery, people, travel, what would that look like?’ and this is the answer.
I would love to share this journey and my gifts with you,
Can we set up a chat?
Get more information here:  Advivum Journeys