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Katarina Wilk has written a terrific guide to perimenopause – what it is and common-sense ways to deal with it. I actually believe that this ought to be required reading for any woman over 40 years of age. Why? Because perimenopause is coming if it hasn’t already started and being prepared can make a huge difference in your transition.

In plain language, perimenopause and menopause are demystified. What’s happening and why become clear and understandable. And her simple guide to dealing with symptoms is a lifesaver. We wish we’d had this when we were approaching the Pause.

The biggest complaint I’ve heard over the last 15 years (and am still hearing) is that women were shocked by the symptoms and changes in their bodies that herald the Big M. I’ll agree, it’s shocking. But it doesn’t need to be. Katarina’s Perimenopower: the Ultimate Guide to the Change can help you take charge of your menopausal journey. Read it today:  Perimenopower