Serenity © dewitt jones

Aloha, goddesses. As promised, I am reporting on the progress of my sabbatical. Spoiler alert: It’s glorious.

Day 1 of sabbatical – Jan. 1 2019

I heard once that whatever you do on the first day of the year, you will be blessed/doomed to do that most of the year. Magical thinking has always worked for me, so I plan carefully how to create the perfect day.

so today, I played 7 holes of golf with my beloved on a course with not a soul. I used only one club and reveled in the gentle trade winds as I gazed out at ocean on two sides.

OK, fun and exercise, check!

Next – I took down all the Christmas stuff and cleaned the fridge. I was looking for my special tweezers – first time in about 10 years that I have tweezed my too wispy eyebrows. Drawer was such a mess that I ended up cleaning it out. Nesting – check!

Tweezed brows, shaved legs and pits, polished toenails. Self care – check!

Made a new iphone art piece – creativity – check!

Read the Sun – loved it. Reading – check!

Cooked meatloaf and was flexible enough to also prepare quickie apple sausages and corn and salad so handsome hubby could go photographing stars and set up before nightfall. So tomorrow’s dinner is DONE!

Writing this – writing – check!

Listening to new CD by friend Richard Johnson – music – check!

Got email from a woman that I believe wanted me to rescue her – I told her to stand up for herself. Feel great that I did not give in to my rescue default. Whew.

All in all, a great start to my sabbatical year.

Day 3 of sabbatical
Yesterday was laundry and bill paying. Still, I found – strike that – MADE – time for reading and making art. I listened to music while I wrote checks morphing the experience into a pleasant interlude rather than something I was rushing thru to get to my “real life”. And it rained on the clothes I hung on the line,

This morning, I felt myself speeding up, falling prey to the fallacy that if I just get everything done, then I can relax. I know better and still….

So I slowed my walk and glided through the house. Trusting that I won’t forget the words in my mind before I get to write them down. I am in no rush. I can inhabit each moment as a single, perfect note in my sabbatical symphony. (Probably it’s more like a Jimmy Buffett song than a symphony, but what the heck.)

Days 4 through 80

Pretty much a repeat of Day 1 and 3 as I become more comfortable (read ecstatic) with my self imposed sabbatical. I am beginning to realize that a sabbatical really is often a state of mind for me. I’m relaxing into my life.

I’ll keep you posted.