Opening © lynette sheppard

Our good friends across the pond at Cucumber Clothing have been super busy. You might have seen my review in April of 2018 of their lovely loungewear/pajamas. (Click here if you missed it!)

Their wicking clothing is perfect (read darn near necessary) for menopause goddesses who want to keep cool. And their loungewear is suitable for just about anything: working at home, going out to dinner at a friend’s home, and sleeping cool.

They have a whole new line of clothing, including new ‘cool’ cashmere mix fabric jumpsuits that have all the same thermoregulating and moisture wicking properties of their other loungewear.

Cucumber clothing’s soft, silky wicking fabrics in lovely colors move moisture up and away from us, so we can remain cool and get dry quickly. Antibacterial technology eliminates odor and keeps the fabric looking new despite repeated washings.

They let me try a rose V neck nightdress which I have absolutely fallen in love with. I can wear it all day – to work at home (including being seen on Skype and Zoom), off to the post office for the day’s mail, having friends over for appetizers and wine on the front deck, and finally to bed for a blissfully cool sleep. And I live in the tropics so this fabric gets a real test of its cooling properties.

I think I’m going to ask my husband, Dewitt, for a set of their new shell button pajamas for my birthday – they look so comfortable. And cool. Cool in both senses of the word – temperature wise and style wise!

Cucumber Clothing is based in the UK – however they ship to most countries. Find out more and order on their website:  Cucumber Clothing.  Right now they are offering 10% off when you join the Cucumber Community. Be sure to check out their blog while you’re there, too.