Elizabeth Paulsen and her sister share this story of how they helped their mom cool off from menopausal heat and hot flashes. And now they want to help all menopause goddesses with a product they invented to keep us all cool. Enjoy the read and jump on their Kickstarter for their new innovative product.
Calm Cuffs – the Story            by Elizabeth Paulsen
Our mother is a saint. Except when she gets too hot. It’s always been like this. This sweet woman would be lovingly sewing our Halloween costumes one day and then the next she’s hurling a spatula across the kitchen because the oven is on and the pasta is boiling and it’s too hot. Guess what menopause was like in our house? Yeah, not great. 
But we learned to adapt: On holidays, or actually anytime our mom was cooking, we accepted that the front and back door would be open to the Wisconsin winter. We bundled up. We wore layers. We suggested catering (hard pass from our mom). We suggested doing the cooking ourselves (impossible! Did we all want to get food poisoning?) On family trips, the first thing we did when we got into the hotel was crank up the air and get cold washcloths to put on my mom’s forehead. We hated it. We were all miserable. 
One day, instead of letting OUR emotions get the better of us, we raced to the freezer and put a bag of frozen peas on my mom’s wrists. It was as if we’d switched the “off” button. She felt calmer instantly and was back to her old self much faster than usual. 
We used cool to help our mom overcome menopause and her problem of generally being too hot (it’s not just her–it seems to be our family curse, which explains why multiple cousins have chosen to have winter weddings). “Someone should invent ice packs for wrists,” my mom said. “For all of us.” So we did!
We are pleased to introduce Calm Cuffsthe product that my sister and I invented
Calm Cuffs help cool you off fast by:
  • Immediately cooling the skin
  • Applying pressure to wrists, a known acupressure point, that helps alleviate anxiety
  • Stopping the “fight” or “flight” reflex that comes from overheating 
  • Giving your body time to cool down and think clearly
We hope this product helps you much as it helped our family! We are happy to give a pair to one lucky reader. In the meantime, please check out our Kickstarter campaign that is live until October 17th! Tell us in the comment section below if you want to be entered in the giveaway drawing for the free pair of Calm Cuffs! We’ll draw the name on October 18th.