Changes © lynette sheppard

It absolutely thrills me that committed people are working on products to help us through the transition and changes of the Big M. I only wish more of these had been available when I was first going through the Pause. Oh well, they are here now!

Cool Clothes

Fifty One Apparel’s  line of cooling clothing has me so excited. They let me try one of their tops and after test driving it, I can declare it wonderful. (I need to get a set of their lounge pants next for yoga practice and exercising.) The garments really live up to their promise of “Cool Clothes for Hot Women.” A majority of cooling fabrics use a “wicking” mechanism to draw the sweat away from the body leaving the body cool but their technology (originally developed by NASA) controls the production of moisture before it begins to form, so that the body enjoys a stable temperature. It really is revolutionary.  Fifty One Apparel is located in the UK – it’s easy for them to send via mail to the US.  Find out more and check out styles (and terrific blogs) on their website Fifty One Apparel.

Hot Girls Pearls – A Cool Idea

Most of us undergoing the Big M found that putting ice on our neck or the inside of our wrists helped stop hot flashes. There are now even fancy wristbands made commercially that do the same without the mess and melting. But they are expensive. Enter Hot Girls Pearls. They gave me one of their necklaces to try and boy, is it great. Especially in those dog days of August when I flush or flash more than usual. (Yes, even though most of menopause is in my rear view mirror, I still have hot flashes, just not as often or as severe.) You just freeze the  pearl necklaces or bracelets, put them on, and voila – cool and comfortable. They have a non-toxic gel that stays frozen quite a while – and they look great. I chose gray – they also come in white or black. What a fashionable answer to hot flashes! Check them out on their site:  Hot Girls Pearls

Natural Menopause Relief

At Last Naturals offers a variety of products to help us naturally through the worst of menopause symptoms and facilitate hormone balance. Fifty years ago, a pharmacist created these all-natural remedies. His daughter, a member of the NAMS (North American Menopause Society) carries on the tradition to this day. I tried some samples of their vaginal gel – it’s now my new favorite external moisturizer. I LOVE their MSM moisture cream and soap.

One of our satellite goddesses tried the Menopause, Perimenopause, and PMS support cream and pronounced it helpful in relieving symptoms such as hot flashes. Wild yam extract is the active ingredient with no fragrances, colors, or animal products. Find out more and order on their website: At Last Naturals.

There really is no reason we can’t make it through menopause coolly and comfortably these days. Find out what works for you – and stay cool!