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The folks from Kindra have developed a new line of over-the-counter solutions for menopause symptoms. They just sent me some samples to try – I’ll let you all know how it goes. And of course, Kindra will be featured in the Menopause Marketplace. I’ll let them tell you more in their own words – check out the info below:

Kindra, the First Company from the Launchpad Formed by M13 and P&G Ventures, Launches as a New Direct-to-Consumer Brand Providing Estrogen-Free Solutions, Personalized Resources and Community for Managing Menopause

LOS ANGELES (November 14, 2019) – P&G Ventures and venture engine M13 announced today the launch of Kindra, a new direct-to-consumer brand providing proven, estrogen-free solutions, supportive community and personalized resources for managing menopause and relieving symptoms.

The new brand takes a positive and candid approach to the neglected world of menopause with a thoughtful collection of lotions and dietary supplements scientifically formulated to take on hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness and other realities of menopause.

“Half the people on the planet experience menopause, yet even in our age of oversharing, it unfortunately remains a taboo topic with a limited range of products, resources and emotional support available to women experiencing this journey,” said HongJoo Sun, CEO at Kindra. “With Kindra we’re looking to provide women with clinically proven symptom relief and support while also sparking a more open conversation on the challenges and triumphs of a life stage every woman will expect to experience.”

At launch, Kindra will offer a line of four products, developed using clinically tested ingredients and nature’s most effective treatments to soothe the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause. Kindra products are estrogen-free (don’t contain estradiol or progesterone) so are an appealing option for a broad spectrum of women, including those who are either not eligible for prescription hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or concerned about HRT side effects.

All Kindra products are available without a prescription at OurKindra.com.