Since the age of 19, (I’m not telling how many years ago THAT was), I have been a part of the Nurse’s Health Study at Harvard Health, the longest prospective study I know of. Prospective research – research following subjects over time – is way more useful than retrospective research, where we look back and try to draw conclusions from medical records and other info from the past. That’s an oversimplification, but you get the drift.

Recently, the Nurse’s Health Study contacted us participants and asked us to use a new symptom tracking app to help understand where Covid 19 is lurking. They also encouraged us to share it with family and friends for download. You do not have to be a health professional. The more people that use the app, the more we know about the virus and its prevalence.

Here’s an excerpt from their letter to us explaining its purpose:

“This project will offer real time data into the hidden iceberg of potential cases of COVID-19 in our communities and the full course of exposure, diagnosis, treatment and recovery. This information can be turned around rapidly to be used to guide public health planning around testing, quarantine, treatment, and recovery, which may have an immediate impact on our clinical response to this fast-moving pandemic. “

I have heard that other apps have been developed as well. However, I trust these folks: Nurse’s Health Study, Stanford, Massachusetts General, and King’s College, London. So if you are interested, download the app. It’s easy to use – just note if you have had a coronavirus test (yes, no) and if you feel well or sick. This data can help us get a handle on Covid 19.

Some people have been worried about privacy with the tracking apps. And I get that! In this case, I believe the risk-benefit ratio is weighted heavily on the benefit side, since we are in a pandemic. That said, everyone must make this decision for herself or himself.

Icon for Tracking App

If you are interested in participating, here are the links to downloading the app on your phones.

For Apple:  

For Android/Google:

Be safe, goddesses.  Be well. We will get through this together!