Actually, Heather Wardell’s newest novel, The Menopause Support Group is the perfect anytime read. I read voraciously, I’m addicted. I particularly have a fiction addiction. Because often, I learn more from a fictional treatment of a subject than from a non-fiction, informative book. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

The women in The Menopause Support Group could be our friends. They suffer from myriad symptoms – like all of us. Physical, emotional, mental. All while trying to continue to work, love, and live.

Like real-life goddesses, each of these women has her own unique version of the Change. What they have together is support from one another. Just like our own Menopause Goddess Group. We still say that the absolute most important remedy for us was the comfort and help from one another. It helped us not only survive, but thrive.

I immersed myself in the trials of three menopausal women. Emily is in her 20’s. She has wanted to be a mom her entire life. But a hysterectomy for cancer makes that impossible and she struggles. Brenda is actually past the worst of menopause but fears she’ll have to leave the group if she doesn’t have symptoms. Michelle is hard at work trying to bust through a glass ceiling, always thinking there will be time for a baby, when menopause hits.

And a cast of other quirky, wonderful women in the group add their heartbreak and humor. I dare you not to fall in love with them.

Author Heather has her own personal menopause journey to draw upon, and she’s done significant research to slip in helpful information and ideas for getting through the worst of Menopause.

The best part? This book is just a fabulous read. Order it here or wherever you buy your books. Enjoy! And share your thoughts here on the blog. Be well, be safe.