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Menopause Goddess Blog receives loads of letters from women suffering various symptoms and difficulties during the menopause transition. There is truly nothing worse than the feeling of isolation, of going through it alone. Oh, except adding the coronavirus forced isolation to the equation. Cyndie (not her real name) shares her frustration in the letter below. I wish I could say that this was unusual. But we Menopause Goddesses know better. Read it and please let her know she is not alone – we get through this together. Leave your thoughts, feelings, advise in the comments.

The Letter

Hello. I am a 56 year old menopausal woman who has been suffering with symptoms such as anxiety and depression since 2018. I am on estrogen patches for 6 months and still suffering. My doctor continues to refer me to a psychiatrist who prescribed medications I refuse to take. My gyn has dropped me from being a patient because I mentioned to her in the most respectful way that she was making me feel hopeless and telling me that my anxiety and depression did not come from menopause. I continuously tried to prove to her that hundreds of women feel like me. I can’t take living like this anymore. There seems to be no hope. I have no more money to spend on doctors. People say I will get better but I say when. I feel hopeless and just unhappy with my life. Thanks for listening.