Moon flower © lynette sheppard

Our friends at Fifty One Apparel have terrific cool clothing, specially designed for Menopause Goddesses. Using technology developed by NASA, their clothing collections offer daywear, loungewear, sleepwear, and more. I tried some of their clothes a while back and loved them. (Check out this previous blog post:

Since then, they have been busy creating even more styles to help keep us cool. They let me try a ‘cool’ top and a headband recently, and wow. Here in HOT Hawaii, I put them to the test! I was amazed at how comfortable I stayed.

Here I am wearing the Lizzie batwing top. I wore it out to dinner (social distancing, outdoor dining) and not only did it keep me cool, but our server asked me where I got it! So it passed the style test too.

And here I model the headband. I don’t usually wear headbands to keep my hair back – I wear them across my ears whenever I am wearing a ball cap that leaves the tender tops of my ears exposed. Which means whenever I am golfing or jogging. My dermatologist told me that he is seeing so many mature women (and men) with skin cancer on the ear tips. He said it’s easy to prevent – just cover those ears.

Up until now, every headband I tried was hot. So let me just say, I love this one. When you order some of these cooling clothes, be sure and get a headband, too.

Fifty One Apparel’s clothing really lives up to their slogan “Cool Clothing for Hot Women” Fifty One Apparel is based in the UK, but they have no problem shipping to the US. Find out more and check out styles (and terrific blogs) on their website Fifty One Apparel.