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Most of you know that I am passionate about research on menopause. So it is with great pleasure that I share this request for volunteers to help with the difficult symptoms of insomnia and sleep problems. Details below:

Research request:
Hello! We are a team of women who are designing an app to help women going through the menopause to overcome poor sleep, by providing expert-backed insomnia programmes led by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, personalised to you. At this exciting stage in our journey, we are looking for women to test the app to help co-create the best, most useful solution.

In terms of commitment, we are on the lookout for a group of women who will do the following:
Participate in the study for 10 days (starting in the next couple of weeks). During this time, women will interact with the sleep app as they naturally would and speaking to a health coach via WhatsApp
Explore the exciting content of the app for around 20 minutes per day
Have 5-10 minute check-ins with a health coach after each day
If this opportunity sounds like it could be beneficial to you, simply fill out the Google form to get in touch with the research team –¬†

Thanks for being willing to help yourself and other women! Together, we will get through this, thriving instead of merely surviving.