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This is a terrific opportunity – both for some natural healing and some cash just in time for the holidays. A win-win for Menopause Goddesses.

Read this message from the co-founder (she calls herself Chief Crone and Co-Creator, which I love!):

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sheridan Nice. Dr. William “Andy” Clark and I created a new personal lubricant that is all-natural with none of the harmful additives of so many lubricants on the market today. Dr. Clark is a nutritional biochemist and Associate Dean at East Tennessee State University, Medical School. And we want you to try it – and then name it.

This as-yet-unnamed lubricant is an amazing new moisturizing product that uses hemp oil as its main ingredient. It starts out as a gel and upon contact with the skin, melts into long-lasting lubrication.  It’s made from certified organic extracts of red palm, hemp seed, and soy, with Vitamin E TPGS added as a preservative.

It is body-safe and works perfectly with your favorite toys including all silicone toys and medical equipment.  It is also safe to use with condoms of any kind.

It provides ultimate slickness and low friction for any intimate pursuit, skin moisturizing, shaving, chapped lips or hands, and as an all-purpose baby ointment.

This product has been specially designed to manage pain associated with intercourse caused by hormonal changes during and after menopause, insufficient lubrication. vaginal atrophy or dryness, and perineal itching or burning.
Necessity really is the mother of invention. The personal lubricant landscape is filled with products that contain chemicals that are harmful and unnecessary. Women, especially post-menopausal women, need help because their body is less efficient at creating lubrication after menopause. Creating a lubricant that is natural and safe for the delicate insides of a woman became our prime concern.

We are introducing this product via a contest that asks users to first try it, and then name it! The name will be voted on by all contestants and the one chosen will win a $500 check. Information about the contest is located here:  We look forward to your participation and our new name!