Our initial group of fifteen Menopause Goddesses were completely unprepared for the sh*tstorm of the Change. (You can read our whole story in Becoming A Menopause Goddess.)

The Big M started for most of us in our 40’s (though it can start as early as the 30’s for some women. Shocking, I know!)

I still hear from readers around the world who are caught completely off-guard by the advent of perimenopause. By the time a woman is in the full throes of the change, it can be a challenge to try and learn what to do, how to cope when you’re hot and cranky and your brain doesn’t work.

If you are a woman 40 years of age or older, now’s the time to educate and prepare yourself. I’m not kidding about this. Many women suffer worse symptoms during perimenopause, the supposed lead-up event, than they experience at or after menopause.

I’ve often wondered how to start the conversation. Along came Heather Wright with her book What’s Happening to Me Now? Subtitle: The Facts of Life, As A Woman in your 40s (Straight Talk About Perimenopause).

Heather’s book is funny, concise, and shines a light on the weird changes of perimenopause. It’s a short-and-sweet guide to perimenopause: what it is, what symptoms might show up, what to do to help yourself through it. She even discusses particular perimenopause issues for women with disabilities when dealing with healthcare professionals. I learned a term – “disability castration syndrome”. Yes, it’s a thing.

And Matilda McCormack-Sharp’s illustrations add whimsy and diversity to the conversation.

So, goddesses, think about this book as a Christmas gift for daughters, younger co-workers, any woman just entering her 40’s. Or you, if this describes you or you are still in the throes of perimenopause. We want an easier transition for the goddesses in training. Happy holidays!  Click here to buy the book!