Do you pee when you laugh? Or sneeze? Are your lady parts dry or weak? Sure, welcome to menopause. You’re not alone.

We’ve been told over and over that Kegel exercises help promote genitourinary health and strengthen our pelvic floor muscles. Fair enough, but we have to remember to do them three times a day. I don’t know about you, but I would be diligent for a week, then some other symptom would pop up or I’d get busy or simply forget and I’m back to square one.

The award-winning FDA approved Kegelbell lets you do a “Super Kegel” by adding weight resistance to the exercise. And you can use it just three times a week for five minutes. You can even use it in the shower – make it part of your routine and voila – less bladder leakage, more of your own vaginal lubrication, and a revitalized sex life.

It comes with two bulb sizes – the bulb is inserted into your vagina. A series of interlocking weights are connected and hang outside. The weights allow you to customize and increase exercise as you go.

The Kegelbell team sent me one to try. I’ve been using mine for a couple of weeks and already, I swear that I am leaking less. And I’m afraid to jinx it, but I seem to have more lubrication. I’m only using the smallest weight so far.

If you read the blog regularly, then you know how much I value natural remedies and products, without side effects, that promote our own bodily healing. I’m super excited about the Kegelbell. It’s easy and how it works just makes sense to my nurse-mind.

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