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I’m so excited that K E Garland has launched her new site called Navigating the Change.  She is a wordsmith, so I’ll let her tell you about it in her own words. Read on below – and be sure to subscribe to her site.

Navigating the Change: A Curated Blog for Women 35 and Older

by K E Garland

How blissful would it be if my mother, aunts, grandmother, and great aunts had been open and honest about their menopausal experiences? How wonderful would it be if when I became perimenopausal, I didn’t have to spend endless hours searching the internet, reading varied books, and listening to podcasts to figure out what the hell was going on with my body?

Well, even though what I’ve described above would be ideal, in 2021, it is not necessarily a reality.

However, Toni Morrison once advised if there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it. I’ve decided to apply this wisdom to blogging. Although women like Lynette, here at the Menopause Goddess Blog, and others like her have done a profound job of providing information, I wanted to add more info from diverse perspectives.

So, that’s what I did. I’ve curated a space that is safe and supportive for women who are 35 and older to share their experiences about menopause. It’s called Navigating the Change.

At Navigating the Change, you will find poetry, stories, and essays from women who are at varying levels of menopause. Because I value expert opinion, you will also read information from practicing and retired doctors. Similarly, certified health and fitness coaches offer information about ideal exercises for menopausal women, how to be mindful about your gut health, and what types of yoga poses are best to counter insomnia.

Navigating the Change also provides product reviews ranging from podcasts that center women of color to pads that are made by women for women. Finally, the blog features photographs of women who are 35 and older fearlessly being themselves to inspire us all to do the same no matter our age.

If this interests you, then I encourage you to stop by, read a bit, and subscribe to navigatingthechange.com so you don’t miss biweekly posts, which will launch May 3rd.


K E Garland is a creative nonfiction writer whose primary goal is to amplify women’s voices and to demarginalize and personalize societal issues regarding women. Among other places, her work can be read in the upcoming Chicken Soup for the Soul issue: I’m Speaking Now, the award-winning anthology All the Women in My Family Sing, and her personal blog Kwoted.