During and after menopause, libido may wane or we may have less action in the bedroom due to painful sex or lack of lubrication. These can lead to a continuous feedback loop – less sex, less desire and lubrication, poorer genitourinary health leading to less sex, less lubrication – well, you get the picture.

The many wellness benefits of orgasm for women have been documented in recent studies. Regular orgasms lead to stress reduction, better sleep, a stronger pelvic floor, enhanced immunity, even improved cardiovascular health.

But if you don’t have a partner? What if opportunity is severely curtailed in these stressful pandemic times? What if your partner has ED or your sex drive has dropped off? There’s help.

Mystery Vibe devices are geared to facilitate sexual health and wellness at every life stage. Including menopause and the climacteric. Their mission statement says it perfectly:

“We Exist to Elevate Sexual Wellness With Deeply Researched Innovation & Actionable Knowledge “

Elevate. That’s a great word. Recognizing that sexual health is necessary to full wellness. Elevating the conversation. Offering discreet help.

I found out about MysteryVibe when they contacted me and other menopause experts to offer helpful tips for dealing with sex during menopause – you can read the article on their blog here: https://mysteryvibe.com/blogs/learn/expert-tips-on-dealing-with-sex-during-menopause

MysteryVibe sent me one of their flexible vibrators to try. My husband and I found it delightful to bring a new sense of play into our lockdown sex life. We haven’t been traveling so no romantic getaways. No change of scene or getting away from responsibility can cause intimacy to suffer from a sense of “sameness”. (That may be the general word for staying home during this pandemic: “sameness”.)

We got to try the Poco, which fits in the palm of a hand. It’s bendable, rechargeable and has several settings for optimum stimulation. It even can be controlled by your phone with the Mystery Vibe app. (We didn’t want to invite the phone into bed with us, so we opted not to download or try the app. A little too much tech for us.)

Here are some of the features of Poco:

Quick overview of features & benefits

  • Precise G-spot stimulation – Bend to deliver vibrations exactly where you need
  • Fits in your palm – Discrete & compact for pleasure anytime, anywhere
  • Effortlessly accessible – Reach your hot spots for the orgasm you most desire
  • Designed to mimic our fingers – bend it to fit your body, whatever your size
  • Feel vibrations at every inch from the 2 anatomically placed motors
  • Give your partner live control of your pleasure with the very smart App
  • Truly customizable – 8 preset vibes, 16 intensities & a very smart app
  • Lush ultra-smooth, body-safe, phthalate-free all-over premium silicone

Long story short: orgasm and sexual health is important to your overall wellness. Like a multivitamin, but a lot more enjoyable. Find out more on the MysteryVibe website: MysteryVibe.com BTW, their big Labor Day sale is still happening.

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