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A while back, I was talking with a physician of midlife age, commiserating about the myriad changes wrought upon us during the Change. I jokingly said, “It’s like our very DNA has changed.” She looked me straight in the eyes and said seriously, “It has! I’m absolutely convinced of it.”

Whether that is actually true or not, it sure feels true! We sometimes focus on the difficult and alarming changes, for good reason. We want help and we want it now. But when the change tornado eases off to a gentle breeze, we find that there are positive changes.

Here’s a partial list of changes I went through separated into negative, so-so, and positive categories.

Negative changes:

Hot flashes
Vaginal dryness
Brain fog
Loss of libido
Thinning hair
Anxiety and night terrors
Weight gain

I missed the mood swings and emotional changes, thankful for that. And thankful that the negative changes were temporary and/or treatable. Whew.

So-so changes

Switched from evening person to morning person
Bodacious tatas ( messed up my wardrobe AND my golf swing)
Invisibility (weird but useful, even desirable, at times.)

Positive changes

Unafraid to try new things (surfing, writing fiction, gardening)
Surge in creativity
Comfortable in my own skin
More accepting of myself and others
Self-care has become a priority

We goddesses would love to hear about the changes you have experienced during this transition. Add them in the comments (which won’t appear until we approve them – because, you know, spammers) or send them directly to lynette@9points.com. And if you need more info about any manifestation of the change, just put it in the Search box here on the blog and all posts related to that will pop up.