Mood Swings © lynette sheppard

Mood swings. Put simply, they suck. As if the physical and mental changes during menopause weren’t enough, our emotional weather is unsettled. One minute equanimity – the next tornado strength upset. It feels like we are going crazy.
Back in August, I was delighted to be a part of the team at Ultimate Bundles when they offered a Menopause Bundle – $1000 worth of resources for $37.00. So many wonderful offerings: e-books, online courses, memberships, and more. (My book Becoming A Menopause Goddess is part of it.)

Due to popular demand, the Bundle is being offered again this month – November 15 – 17. More about that later.

Right now, I want to alert you all that Beth Learn of Fit2B Studio is once again offering her free webinar: 5 Ways to Manage Your Moods and Hormones during Menopause. I participated in August and just loved it. Beth shares advice about dietary changes, overlooked fitness areas, the role of hormones in sleep, and the power of ‘having fun’ during menopause. (Fun? yes Fun!)

Beth’s free webinar will be on Monday, November 15 at 4:00 pm Eastern US time. Registration is open NOW.
To register for 5 Ways to Manage Your Moods and Hormones during Menopause, click here.
About the presenter: Beth Learn is the founder of Fit2B Studio, the world’s leading provider of women’s fitness for perimenopause, pelvic floor strength, and more. Beth has a degree in Exercise and Sport Science and over twenty years of experience working with thousands of women worldwide.

OK, goddesses. I’ll be posting and sending info about the Menopause Bundle in the next couple of days. For this next week, expect more in your inbox from me than usual – then we’ll drop back to our once every week to two weeks frequency. If you missed it in August, don’t miss it now.