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Your body changes when going through menopause. From hot flashes to incontinence, vaginal dryness and even spotting, your body is likely experiencing some level of discomfort. There are a variety of medicinal solutions that can help combat some of these symptoms, but you shouldn’t forget about all of the ancillary ways you can increase your overall comfort as you experience menopause, most notably being your underwear.

Your choice of underwear and how you choose to use it during your menopause journey can have a major impact on not only your comfort, but your vaginal health as well. As you go through menopause and it’s many symptoms, try using underwear to your advantage to make the experience a little more bearable.

As you go through menopause, certain bodily functions are expected to happen, some of which may leave your underwear looking less than brand new. It can’t hurt to freshen up your underwear drawer from time to time in order to feel both comfortable and confident! Building a collection of quality underwear will help you get through the many symptoms of menopause.

One of the most important reasons why you should care so much about your underwear during menopause is the physical changes your body will experience. Incontinence is one of the most notable reasons why you may want to carry a spare pair with you in your purse wherever you go. Accidental leaks happen, and while liners and pads help with leakage, in the event of a major accident, a change of underwear may be needed.

Hot Flashes and Perspiration
The most common symptom of menopause are hot flashes. While they typically create the most perspiration and discomfort over the top half of your body, the most severe hot flashes can leave you perspiring all over. In this instance, you may feel the need to change your clothing, right down to your underwear.

In addition, underwear or any clothing made of a breathable fabric like cotton can help you stay cool and dry through any hot flash, no matter how intense. Feeling fresh and clean during a stressful and often anxiety-inducing hot flash episode is a simple and effective way to feel a little more like you.

Spotting and Vaginal Dryness
Additionally, you may encounter instances of spotting or vaginal bleeding related to the end of your menstruation, or from vaginal dryness during intercourse. Accidental bleeding happens, and sometimes you don’t have a pad or liner to protect your underwear. No matter what happens in your underwear, having fresh underwear on hand will be necessary.

The material of your underwear will also play a role in combating your vaginal and vulvar dryness. Avoid irritating fabrics like lace; instead choose a soft and stretchy material to keep the skin around your vulva from becoming irritated.

Let’s face it, menopause can be really uncomfortable. Finding small ways to prioritize your comfort during a transformative time is important to every woman’s experience.