Reflection © lynette sheppard

Creativity blooms during menopause. And after. I’ve written about this before and it bears repeating. We become fertile in a new way, as we explore and delve into our artistic urges.

Whether these urges manifest in painting, photography, quilting, or nurturing a garden, this is a time for us to flower. It’s a time to try new pursuits, to push boundaries, to grow ourselves, to embrace crone hood.

With that in mind, I have followed new creative pathways. A few years ago, I was at a fundraiser for the Molokai Art Center. A volunteer pushed a flyer into my hands, advertising a series of classes on fiction writing. “Oh no,” I said, trying to give it back. “I only write non-fiction. I wouldn’t have the first idea how to make things up.”

I heard my words and pulled the flyer back. “Wait a minute. Maybe.” What have I got to lose? Maybe it will just make me a better non-fiction writer.”

I loved the class. And I found out this: I can make up stuff all day long. As long as it rings with an emotional truth to me, I don’t need it to be factual.

I recently finished a novella – titled The Loneliest Road. I plan to send it out as a serial – no cost – one episode a week to anyone who is interested in reading it.

Here’s a synopsis:
“Lindsey Spencer is at a midlife crossroads. Her cancer has progressed and she doesn’t want more treatment. She’s left her relationship, her job, all she knows. She leaves the Bay Area and heads east onto the Loneliest Road in America. She’s bound for Moab, Utah to finish her time surrounded by red rock, solitude, and open space. But Lindsey finds that the loneliest roads don’t always live up to their names.”

Send me an email to if you are interested in reading it.

And absolutely, follow those creative urges and desires. This is our time, Menopause Goddesses!