First of all, many thanks to all who sent their healing thoughts and best wishes for my recent cataract surgery. It all went well – details in the next blog post. Right now, I want to let you all know about a sale on my favorite health, wellness, hormonal state tracker.

A while ago, I wrote about a health and fitness wearable that looks like a pretty bracelet – the Bellabeat Ivy. (  After using mine for some months, I can say that I am obsessed. I’ve always tried for at least 4500-7000 steps a day, but now I am focused on making sure that I also drink enough water and perform my twenty minutes of focused exercise as well.

A couple of surprises – and ones that I am working on with the help of my Ivy. First: sleep. I would have thought that I got between 8 and 9 hours of sleep a night, but I now find out that some nights I don’t even make a full 8. So I am trying to go to bed earlier and wind down so that my sleep might be undisturbed.

Second: Meditation. My biggest surprise had to do with actual meditation time. I think of my walking or household chores as meditation, but I honestly see that those activities have not been as nurturing as an actual slowing down and doing nothing. I only need to avail myself of ten minutes of guided meditation to fill my quota on my Bellabeat. And some days, I don’t even find time for that.

When I do try one of the meditations (the nature ones are my favorites, especially Deep Ocean), I feel the benefit all day. I am working on making it a priority – after all, if I can’t spare ten measly minutes on self-care, I’m seriously overscheduled.

Here are a couple screenshots of my Bellabeat app record – of great and not-so-great days.

The Bellabeat app also has workouts and fitness routines as well as monitoring heart rate and breathing from the Ivy. It’s a tiny powerhouse that looks good on my wrist.

Right now, the Ivy is on sale for $50 off with code APRIL 50 – offer good while supplies last. Check it out on the Bellabeat website here.