Vivid © lynette sheppard

Okay, well maybe I haven’t discovered the Fountain of Youth but I do feel younger. No, it’s not a new skin cream or makeup or facial toning exercise. It’s my eyes. My cataract surgery was a total success and I can now see far away, middle distance and close up.

Every morning I open my eyes expecting to see colorful blurs until I don my glasses. And when I open my eyes, I see EVERYTHING! It’s all in focus, clearer and brighter. I haven’t seen this well since I was nine years old.

Of course, I can see my smile lines and freckles and crepey skin better now, but I haven’t looked in mirrors much lately anyway. That’s not going to change.

I still reach to push up my non-existent glasses – some habits are hard to break. I laugh out loud each time. Which also makes me feel young!

It’s amazing to me that science has progressed to the point that aging eyes can be given new vision. I am so grateful. If your eyes would benefit from cataract surgery (ask your eye doctor), and you are on the fence about it – just remember, you will not only see better, you just might feel a whole lot younger.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.