quietude © lynette sheppard

Menopause messes with just about everything, including your mental acuity. Many goddesses report “brain fog” and being unable to think – including yours truly. Thankfully the worst of it only lasts a year or two. That said, as we age, we need to exercise our brain to keep it reasonably sharp.

I use a variety of apps to exercise my brain. I’ve used Lumosity for years but now also avail myself of MindPal and Peak. All of these have a free version and a more robust subscription version. Lumosity even boasts a family plan.

The games are fun and they help you exercise areas such as visual field, language, focus, memory, and more. They track your progress as well as let you know how you compare to others who play. You can see how you improve over time.

Playing word games such as Scrabble, doing crossword puzzles, learning a language. All of these are helpful adjuncts to keeping your brain fit. As with our muscles, the more you use your brain the stronger it becomes.

And forget multitasking. Even when we were young, it was a bad idea. Now we can’t afford the time it takes to redo our chores and projects.

Along with brain exercise, it’s important to incorporate brain rest. (My personal favorite part of creating a healthy brain.) Daydream, dance or indulge in something physical where your brain quiets, practice mindfulness. Be kind to yourself. Your menopausal mind will thank you.