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We’ve all heard of healthy people who are large and unhealthy folks who are slim. But how to tell? And how can we be healthy, regardless of our actual weight?

A person with small fat cells has more mitochondria – the powerhouses of the cells and metabolism. Large fat cells leak fatty acids and cause inflammation. Sadly, we don’t have the wherewithal to test our fat cells at home. But we do have some answers in how to make our fat cells smaller and healthier.

New research shows that activity throughout the day can push us in the right direction. Turns out that if we exercise our 30 minutes a day but then sit the rest of the day – in front of our computers or on the couch, we actually may negate much of the benefit from our exercise. Yet, if we jump up every hour and walk around or do housework or walk to the mailbox or what have you at regular intervals, then we are working on making/keeping our fat cells small and efficient. Plus if we are sedentary much of the day, we may suffer elevated cholesterol and sugar.

Intuitively, it makes sense. Move more throughout the day, even if in small increments and we can be healthier, stronger, more vibrant. I quit weighing myself some time ago (except at the doctor’s office once a year). I enjoy moving around between time spent working on my computer or reading. My husband is always amazed at the number of steps I get throughout the day beyond my regular walk. Me too. It’s effortless. And I’m all for that!

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How Sitting All Day Can Cause Health Problems — Even If You Exercise