The very first thing I do when I get home from shopping (or anything) is take off my bra. Then I take a deep breath, having been released from this constricting torment.

If you follow this blog, you likely know that I have been on a continual quest to find comfortable underwear, especially bras. Only partially tongue-in-cheek, I say I want a bra as comfy as the training bra I wore when I was thirteen. You know the one – super soft cotton with a little rose decoration in the front. I’ve probably elevated that bra to mythic status in my mind, but that’s how I remember it. The last really comfortable bra – before I ever needed one.

Fast forward thirty-plus years.  The menopause fairy brought me bodacious tatas. (Too much, too late, if you ask me.) Anyway, it’s a tall order to find comfortable lingerie. Bras can be hot – not tolerable when we are already as hot as we’ve ever been in our lives. And if your bra should become drenched during a hot flash? It morphs into a cold, clammy torture device.

Good news. My quest is finally over. Julie May lingerie makes the most comfortable, cool bras and underwear I’ve ever had on. Pure soft, organic Pima cotton with silk lining. They had me at ‘silk lining’. Which feels even better than it sounds.

The silk is cooling and wicking so a must for those of us who suffer hot flashes/flushes.

The kind folks at Julie May sent me two bras and undies (knickers for my UK sisters). I literally forgot I had one on when I came back from the store yesterday. That’s how comfortable they are.

The sports bra is simply excellent – all support, no binding or discomfort. I really love the bralette – it’s lacy and sexy outside, silky inside. See photos of outside lace and inside silk.

Sensitive skin? No worries. Julia May’s lingerie is certified Allergy Friendly. Their products are ethically handmade and Julie May supports UN sustainable projects.

So as you can tell, I’m a fan. Check them out online. Julie May is based in the UK but they ship worldwide.

Note: I may receive a small commission from orders you place. It helps keep the Menopause Goddess Blog up and running. And I’ll also never endorse a product I don’t love or believe in.