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How important is estrogen for memory across women’s lives? How do ovaries, estrogen and the brain affect each other? To answer these questions, a Canadian study wants to compare cognition in four groups of women: young women with ovaries, young women post ovarian removal, (on hormone therapy or not), and menopausal women.¬† Finally, someone is taking brain fog seriously. The point of the study is to provide information to women considering ovary removal of possible outcomes so an informed decision can be made.

Participation is voluntary – online or in person, so there’s no reason not to be involved. Participants will complete tasks assessing memory and attention, fill out a medical history questionnaire, and if in person, provide urine and saliva samples. All personal info is kept confidential.

Compensation of $50 for in-person volunteers and $30 for online volunteers is available. Parking and transportation will also be reimbursed for those who elect to be part of the in-person study. (But seriously, we should all want to participate if it might help the cause of women’s health.)

The study is conducted by personnel from the Einstein Lab –

For more info, download the attached brochure  or visit the website or call 416-978-6582. (Note this phone # is Canadian, so US citizens may pay international rates if Canada is not part of your calling plan.) You may email Toronto site coordinator at or Montreal site coordinator at Email is not always secure, so be aware or call instead.


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