Wondering if you are in perimenopause? Or if you are still ovulating? Or if your HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is working? Oova can help you track your hormone status with their simple at-home test. I sure wish I could have had this option when I was perimenopausal. I had to periodically go in for blood tests. (And wait for results.) Or send in saliva to a special lab. (And wait even longer.)

It’s easy to use: just pee on a test strip, scan the strip with the app on your smartphone, and in minutes you’ll have results. The Oova app explains your results and offers guidance for interpretation/action.

You can track hormone fluctuation during perimenopause and you can also track the success of treatment when on hormone replacement therapy. Again in the comfort of your own home. Results help you effectively manage hormone-related symptoms and changes while they prepare you to make informed decisions about treatment paths.

Ideally, you will also be consulting with your trusted healthcare practitioner while using Oova. S/he can track your progress remotely and make care recommendations based on real-time data.

Oova is a game-changer for the perimenopause journey, providing clarity and control over hormonal changes. To learn more or order, click here.

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