Menopause can seem like a lonely journey, but it doesn’t have to be. Though our mates/significant others go through the Big M with us, often they don’t know the terrain or how to support us. Finally, there’s real help.

Kimberly Brooks has written a stunning new book: Conquering Menopause: A Guide for Couples, Easy and Effective Solutions to Survive the Change Together. In this comprehensive manual for traveling the journey together, she combines information with strategies for surviving and ultimately thriving during the Pause.

Kimberly offers clear advice for symptom relief, how to navigate the health care system together, demystifying holistic remedies, as well as how to rekindle intimacy. Each chapter has specific actions a couple can take to conquer and even embrace menopause.

A book like this is long overdue. Whether you are approaching menopause age, in perimenopause, or experiencing the full throes of the Big M, this book is for you and your significant other. Your lives will be easier and so much richer for having read it. Together.

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