Factor © lynette sheppard

“No, go away!” I mumble pulling the covers over my head. Four tiny feet walk over my back. “Stop it. It’s too early.” A soft paw bats my shoulder. “Okay.” I finally give up and get up to feed my cat. It’s 5:30 and no way I’m going to be able to get back to sleep so I might as well enjoy the dawn, even if I’ll be sluggish much of the day.

Insomnia is likely one of the worst symptoms during and after the Pause. Now that I finally am able to sleep (mostly) through the night, I am sent into forced insomnia by my black cat, Factor. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen every day.

But for a long while, it was my norm. I had to learn ways of cultivating sleep. Earplugs. Face mask for full moon nights. No caffeine after 5 pm. Lavender sachet under my pillow. Wicking sheets and sleepwear. A cooling bed fan. No daytime napping. All of these helped.

Enter a new challenge for all menopause goddesses: technology. Our phones, tablets, and televisions can disrupt our sleep if we utilize them before bed. Blue light is not only hard on your eyes but may keep you overly alert at night and compromise your morning wakefulness.

Even if you don’t use your devices prior to sleep, just having them at your bedside can be disruptive, especially if texts, emails, or other notifications come in during the night. I have a do-not-disturb setting enabled on my phone, but maybe I should move it to another room altogether.

More information and helpful hints are available in this wonderful guide to insomnia and technology. I highly recommend it as required reading for any menopause goddess suffering from insomnia. And share your tips and tricks with all of us – that’s how we make it through this time, women sharing wisdom. Sweet dreams.