From Night Sweats to Restful Sleep: The Story Behind CoolYourSweats

As a person who has suffered from night sweats, I know how disruptive it can be to wake up drenched in sweat and unable to get back to sleep. Every morning I woke up clammy and exhausted. I tried many different types of sleepwear, but nothing seemed to work. That’s why I decided to start my own company, CoolYourSweats, to create sleepwear specifically designed to help people like me get a good night’s sleep.

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Those Pesky Hot Flashes!

Those pesky hot flashes. You hate them. We hate them. But now a new natural, holistic supplement company known as Rebalance Health may offer up some long-awaited help in the form of hot flash relief.

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Menopause: Help for Vaginal Dryness and Low Libido

Vaginal dryness afflicts the majority of menopause goddesses. Along with loss of libido. These symptoms can really interfere with intimacy. And as I have mentioned repeatedly orgasm is important for general genitourinary health.

The kind folks at Morgasm sent me a couple samples of their terrific products to try and color me impressed. I asked them to tell us more in their own words

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Comfortable Lingerie for Menopause Goddesses

The very first thing I do when I get home from shopping (or anything) is take off my bra. Then I take a deep breath, having been released from this constricting torment.

If you follow this blog, you likely know that I have been on a continual quest to find comfortable underwear, especially bras.

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Menopause Energy Bossa Bars Have a New Flavor!

I love love love Bossa Bars. Full of healthy and TASTY all-natural ingredients like maca, kale, pea protein. I’ve actually just finished a Toasted Vanilla Almond one. And of course, I’m a huge fan of Double Decadent Chocolate.

Now, drum roll please, Bossa Bars is launching a new flavor:  Blueberry Lemon.

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5 Top Hormone Balancing Tips For Menopause

Loosely defined as starting after a woman hasn't had a period for at least 12 months, menopause affects everyone at different rates and ages but typically begins at around age 51. Many people have a lot of questions about this time, such as "are hormones high or low...

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Hot Flash Relief without Hormones May Be Coming

Hot flashes. They're one of the worst symptoms of the Big M. And they can last for years. It's not fair, but there you have it. Hot flashes or flushes are due to a malfunction in the hypothalamus, the temperature-regulating center of the brain. That's been known for...

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Create Your Own Menopause Goddess Group Now

Here’s how you can create your own Menopause Goddess group – it was the single most important modality for getting us through the Big M menopause transition. You don’t have to start from scratch – click on the pdf below to find out how to begin. Women sharing wisdom – that’s what it’s all about.  Stay cool.

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Have a Stress-less Holiday

Menopause and Christmas can combine to produce exponential amounts of stress. For many of us, this Christmas will be the first “normal” one since the pandemic. So it’s even more important that we focus on friends and family rather than stress out over holiday prep. Here at  Menopause Goddess Blog,  we have a few ideas for more ease and less pressure this holiday season.

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Romanticize Your Life

Romanticizing Your Life – Put simply, it’s like a real-time gratitude journal. Noticing small, everyday things and seeing the wondrous moments, things, or beings in our lives. It’s taking time to feel the blessing of a cup of coffee or tea, of the breeze blowing, or the snowflakes floating down.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Menopause

Everything you ever wanted to know about menopause – is likely already on this blog!  Put your symptom or area of concern in our Search box located on the right side of the home page and all posts related to that topic will come up. Want to know about hot flashes? Oodles of posts. Concerned about vaginal dryness? Lots of info. And plenty of posts on less known symptoms such as brain fog and anxiety.

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What’s Needed (and not) for the Post-Menopausal Journey

We recently took our first trip to the mainland to see family in two and a half years. Wow. So wonderful to reconnect. However, in that two and a half years, I had forgotten how and what to pack. There is so much stuff I need post-menopause just for maintenance. But then I started to muse on what I no longer need now that I am officially post-menopausal. And the list is pretty long.

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Menopause and Your Brain

Menopause messes with just about everything, including your mental acuity. Many goddesses report “brain fog” and being unable to think – including yours truly. Thankfully the worst of it only lasts a year or two. That said, as we age, we need to exercise our brain to keep it reasonably sharp.

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Take A Bath – In The Forest

Hello Menopause Goddesses. Sorry for the radio silence but I’ve been traveling for the first time in 2.5 years – and wow. Just wow.

Seeing friends, kids, and grandkids has just been rejuvenating. No, the pandemic isn’t over but I still feel like I’ve been freed from confinement.

Menopause and quarantine do not go together well, so stop a moment and congratulate yourselves on coming through this challenging time as well as you have.

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4 Tips for Increasing Sexual Pleasure During Menopause

For women in their late 40s and early 50s, hot flashes, weight gain, and mood swings may become a common occurrence. In addition, as a result of the end of your menstrual cycle and childbearing years, menopause may also impact your sex life.

While this may seem like your sex life is coming to an end, there are ways to have safe, fun, and pleasurable sex no matter your age. Follow along to learn more about improving your sex life after menopause.

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Why Women Should Support Other Women During Their Menopause Journey

Are you going through the anxiously anticipated journey of menopause? If you are, remember that you are not alone and you have so much support behind you! Whether you have friends or family members that have been through it before or a supportive significant other, you have so many resources you can rely on. Your support group is there to help you prepare for the journey and go through it with you.

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The Best Little Health Tracker Ever

A while ago, I wrote about a health and fitness wearable that looks like a pretty bracelet – the Bellabeat Ivy. Right now, the Ivy is on sale for $50 off with code APRIL 50 – offer good while supplies last. Check it out on the Bellabeat website here.

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Seeing Clearly after Menopause

Along with the myriad changes that happen during the menopause transition, there are also changes associated with aging. Wrinkles, aches and pains, dryness, just to mention a few. Several months ago, I began noticing the most lovely prismatic rainbows around lights at night. “Darn it,” I thought, “cataracts.”

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Track Your Wellness with Bellabeat Ivy

Looking for that special Valentine’s Day gift? Bellabeat has you covered with a wellness tracker that looks like jewelry! The Ivy sinks up to the Bellabeat app on your phone and you track your fitness, heart health, sleep, and more. For those of you in perimenopause and still having cycles, it tracks your menstrual patterns as well.

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Women, Sex & Menopause

Enjoy this terrific guest post by award-winning sex educator Renée Denyer. Renée regularly offers advice to health professionals and provides comprehensive sex education and sex-positive workshops for women of all ages. Focusing on female empowerment, Renée offers one-to-one support and advice for women, supporting them on their journey into sexual wellness and pleasure with kindness and care.

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Underwear and Menopause

Your body changes when going through menopause. From hot flashes to incontinence, vaginal dryness and even spotting, your body is likely experiencing some level of discomfort. There are a variety of medicinal solutions that can help combat some of these symptoms, but you shouldn’t forget about all of the ancillary ways you can increase your overall comfort as you experience menopause, most notably being your underwear.

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New Year’s Rx for Menopause Goddesses

Whew. We can take a deep breath now. We made it through the holiday season. 2022 is a new year. A new start.

And if it feels like a reprise of the last couple of years? Omicron, zoom meetings, masks and sanitizer, uncertainty. It’s normal to feel fatigued by it all. I know I do. And I have a prescription for all of us. Be gentle with yourself.

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A Christmas Gift for Menopause Goddesses

’Tis the season. This Christmas/Hannukah and the holiday last year pegged the stress meter well into the red zone for most of us. So this holiday season, the most important gift is to yourself. Make a list of what might be enough – enough to make the season festive for you and yours without excess stress.

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Help for Menopause Mood Swings and More

Right now, I want to alert you all that Beth Learn of Fit2B Studio is once again offering her free webinar: 5 Ways to Manage Your Moods and Hormones during Menopause. I participated in August and just loved it. Beth shares advice about dietary changes, overlooked fitness areas, the role of hormones in sleep, and the power of ‘having fun’ during menopause. (Fun? yes Fun!)

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Orgasm – Better Health for Menopause Goddesses

The many wellness benefits of orgasm for women have been documented in recent studies. Regular orgasms lead to stress reduction, better sleep, a stronger pelvic floor, enhanced immunity, even improved cardiovascular health. Mystery Vibe devices are geared to facilitate sexual health and wellness at every life stage. Including menopause and the climacteric.

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Will Menopause Fatigue Last Forever?

Sleep is literally the superfood that has the most impact. The true nectar of life. The super fuel you need. Frankly, this is where the magic happens.

With the decline of vital hormones during menopause, sleep disturbances are very common. With the vicious cycle of sleep deprivation and the load of stress, it can take much of the joy and ease out of transitioning into menopause.

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Mastering Menopause: Two of My Favorite Offerings

I can’t say enough how much I recommend the Mastering Menopause Bundle. Loads of great stuff for those who are in perimenopause and menopause – but also for those who consider ourselves post-menopausal. Wonderful offerings to help us sleep better, nutrition tips, exercise options (like belly-dancing – how great is that?!)

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Changes at Menopause Goddess Blog

Google has decided to stop supporting Feedburner – the engine that powers our subscribe feature. We thank them for all their years of service and are migrating our email list to a new portal called If you don’t receive posts from Menopause Goddess Blog (or get duplicate mailings or have other glitches) just drop us an email to

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Menopause Rhapsody

Enjoy this hilarious, professional parody of Bohemian Rhapsody – sung especially for menopausal women. We need to laugh – because if we don’t, we will cry for a very long time.

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Reclaiming Our Voices in Midlife

The minute Nancy Bos told me about hormonal voice changes during ad post-menopause, I said to myself “well duh!”. It was obvious the minute she said it, though I’d never thought or heard about it before that moment. Sure, aging may come with voice changes but all we have to do is remember the voice changes that occur during puberty to know that hormones affect the voice too.

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Phoebe McKinley and The Menopause Support Group

Helen Stewart is a sister menopause goddess from Down Under. She has authored a wonderful novel about menopause – and support: Phoebe McKinley and the Menopause Support Group. Helen’s characters are quirky and real. They are beset by all manner of menopausal maladies while they try to cope with life.

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A Gym for Your Vagina: Introducing the Kegelbell

The award-winning FDA approved Kegelbell lets you do a “Super Kegel” by adding weight resistance to the exercise. And you can use it just three times a week for five minutes. You can even use it in the shower – make it part of your routine and voila – less bladder leakage, more of your own vaginal lubrication, and a revitalized sex life.

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Time to Get Proactive About Our Health

Many of us have put off preventative testing and screening during the Covid 19 pandemic. And I get it! I skipped a dental cleaning and my mammogram. And my in-person physical last year. But it’s not a good idea to put screening off indefinitely. Enter Life Line Screening, mobile testing to screen for multiple conditions for one low price.

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Be Fresh with VeeFresh

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know that I believe we should never wash our lady parts with soap or harsh anything. And you also know that I am a huge proponent of natural products, products without harmful additives or unpronounceable ingredients.

The folks at VeeFresh let me try their new VeeGentle pH balanced vaginal wash. And I love it. And they have more!

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An Unexpected Change of Heart

It’s been almost two months since I posted about decreasing our stress this Christmas. And it was peaceful for us through Christmas Day. On December 26, the stress meter pegged the needle in the red zone.

Here’s what happened and why I haven’t posted in a while:

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