Stress Baking – It’s A Thing

It seems that baking is a form of mindfulness meditation and can decrease anxiety by requiring us to be fully present. Psychologists have studied the phenomenon and found that blood flow is shunted away from the amygdala (our anxiety and emotion center) to our prefrontal cortex. Our fear is lessened and we are calmer.

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You Can Help – Covid 19 Tracking App

Recently, the Nurse’s Health Study contacted us participants and asked us to use a new symptom tracking app to help understand where Covid 19 is lurking. They also encouraged us to share it with family and friends for download. You do not have to be a health professional. The more people that use the app, the more we know about the virus and its prevalence.

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Anxiety Squared: Coronavirus Fears and Menopause

Anxiety is one of the emotional changes that afflicts women in menopause and perimenopause. (Been there, done that.) Even if you have never been anxious in the past, free-floating anxiety can have you worrying about anything and everything. Add in the legitimate crisis of the coronavirus pandemic and we can peg the needle in the red zone of the nervousness meter.

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Dry As A Desert – Menopause Skin

Menopause dries out our skin and accelerates aging. We lose collagen and moisture resulting in Estrogen Deficient Skin. Short of taking HRT, what are we to do? Emepelle answers that question with their natural serum and NIght Cream.

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New Menopause Products – No Prescription Needed

The folks from Kindra have developed a new line of over-the-counter solutions for menopause symptoms. P&G Ventures and venture engine M13 announced today the launch of Kindra, a new direct-to-consumer brand providing proven, estrogen-free solutions, supportive community and personalized resources for managing menopause and relieving symptoms.

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Wisepause Menopause Summit

Calling all menopause (and pre-menopause) goddesses! You are invited to an incredible upcoming event (WisePause Menopause Summit) on Saturday, October 12th in Atlanta to empower, educate, and nurture women

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Fab New Products for Menopause Goddesses

It absolutely thrills me that committed people are working on products to help us through the transition and changes of the Big M. I only wish more of these had been available when I was first going through the Pause. Oh well, they are here now!

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Help With Menopause Research – Be Part of the Solution

When I went through menopause, there was very little information or research about this life-altering transition. That’s changing – and you can be part of the change by sharing your experiences. I hope you will participate in both of these worthwhile causes – an online survey and/or a personal interview.

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A Menopause Goddess Goes on Sabbatical

“I’m taking myself on sabbatical.”

I trumpeted this to anyone who would listen (and many who wouldn’t.) I informed friends, clients, co-teachers and family that 2019 was the year that I would be unavailable for most anything save the minor tasks of eating and sleeping.

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More Must Reads for Menopause Goddesses

Back in the day, when I was going through the worst of The Big M, there was very little info from ‘real’ women to be found. And no one can tell it like our sisters! Happily, that has changed. And here are two marvelous reads that you just won’t want to miss. Think you’re alone? Think again!

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Mrs Claus in Menopause song

Mele Kalikimaka and Happy Holidays to all you menopause goddesses (and those who love them). Enjoy this terrific song by Mary Keydash celebrating Mrs. Claus in Menopause – guaranteed to give you a laugh.

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Happy Holidays – Bedjet Sale!

Wow! Bedjet is having a HUGE holiday sale!  40% off all Bedjets from November 19 through the end of December. You won't want to miss this -  click here. BedJet is a truly amazing innovation. They sent me one to try and I fell instantly in love with it. So did my...

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