Estrogen Matters

At long last, someone has collected the body of studies that explore estrogen and its role in areas such as heart disease, breast cancer, brain function, and bone health. Avrum Bluming, MD and Carol Tavris, PHD share their research, knowledge, and stories from patients in this groundbreaking book: Estrogen Matters.

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Write On and Jump Start Your Creativity

That said, I wanted to let all of you goddesses know that our writing coach, author Mary Sojourner, is teaching a weekend workshop near beautiful Lake Tahoe the first weekend in October. If you’ve ever wanted to write or want to kickstart your creativity, you should join us for this nurturing, delicious offering.

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Book Club for Menopause Goddesses

Today’s post highlights two wonderful books that should live on every Menopause Goddess’s bookshelf. From Dinner Date to Soulmate by Cynthia Spillman and Come Back Strong: Balanced Wellness After Surgical Menopause by Lori Ann King.

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Help for the Menopause Journey

I’ve had the opportunity to (read pleasure of) trying two new products recently that offer significant natural help for the menopause journey: the Koldtec cooling towel and Chiavare oil personal moisturizer.

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Taking A Break from Menopause

While we can’t always “take a break” from the Pause, we can make sure we treat ourselves to some nurturing time, some time just for ourselves. So here’s our prescription for the summer busyness: Give yourself a break – from Menopause and stress. Enjoy some girlfriend time.

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Come Back Strong

Surgical menopause is different than natural menopause in that it is often more abrupt, more intense, and depending on the age when it occurs, lasts longer.

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Finally! Natural Relief for Insomnia

We recently had the chance to try a new, natural product – Sleep Spray. The folks at Verified CBD Oil sent a sample and one of our satellite goddesses grabbed at the chance to test it. She flat out loved it! Slept through the night the first use!

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Can the Aging Process Be Stopped? Maybe…

Anti-aging and anti disease remedies may soon be on the horizon. Longevity is not the only concern (or even the main one) but living healthier as we age is a focus. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, Type 2 diabetes and cancer are being targeted as well harnessing the body’s immunity and self repair functions.

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