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Perils of Perimenopause include Weight Gain

Ginger Mint Shrimp © lynette sheppard

Eileen Durward writes this informative guest post about an all too common peril of perimenopause (and menopause) – weight gain. Enjoy.

So, you have just found out that your mood swings, PMS like symptoms and fatigue is the peri menopause and that this will usually last a few years before the menopause itself kicks in. ‘Great’ you say! All this and the one other thing that you’ve noticed is that your weight is slowly creeping up** and nothing you do diet wise is helping, so what is going on?

There could be a number of possible reasons for this:

Are you stressed or leading a busy lifestyle?

Leading a very hectic life, perhaps the kids are still at home, a busy job and other people to look after?  The stress of hormonal changes and day-to-day general stress produces a chemical called cortisol, which not only makes you crave sweet foods but if activated regularly will slowly build fat around the waist and this is very hard to shift through diet and exercise alone. Many women who suffer this type of weight gain then go on a strict diet, which will cause big dips in blood sugar levels making them crave more sugar foods. Contrary to belief, conventional low calorie diets will not usually work here but could in fact, lead to more weight gain!

Dealing with general stress is vital as the stress angle can create other health issues including digestive disorders, joint pain and worsen hormonal imbalance leading up to and through the menopause. It may help to take one of the stress remedies such as Passionflower, St John’s Wort or one of the Flower Essences. Many women find taking a good magnesium Citrate supplement can be of great benefit too. Magnesium is your ‘happy mineral’, keeping your mood level and muscles relaxed.

Are you exercising regularly?

Doesn’t have to be frantic exercise, even a 20 min brisk walk every day can help and remember by walking outside in daylight you will boost your vitamin D levels which are necessary for good mood. If too short in time and you don’t fancy hitting the gym there are lots of exercise DVDs around that incorporate short, sharp sessions that you can do at home at a time that suits you. Exercise also releases ‘feel good’ chemicals, which will lift your mood.

Are you eating well?

Are you eating those 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, or are you snacking on lots of carbohydrate foods, sweets or cakes? Low mood, fatigue and stress (remember the cortisol!) have a way of making us crave these foods for a quick sugar hit. So ditch the naughties and revamp your diet. Many women going through this phase actually need more protein so, maybe look for a diet that promotes healthy eating such as the GL Diet or the Paleo Diet.

Are you drinking enough water?

Dehydration will amplify stress and anxiety symptoms so drink, drink, drink, plain water and herb teas. Cut right down on coffee and tea and alcohol as these drinks stimulate the stress system (remember the cortisol!)

Do you have enough ‘me time’?

I bet you don’t have any! It is vital to have some time to yourself every day (it’s a menopause must!). Make it a priority and tell everyone that it is necessary for your happy hormones!

Try a relaxation or meditation CD, have a long bubble bath, treat yourself to a home massage, 30 minutes relaxation even 2-3 times a week can work wonders for your general health and well being.

So to simply sum up weight control in the peri menopause

Good Diet + sensible exercise + stress relief = reduction of cortisol and easier weight management during the peri menopause.

** If your weight gain seems sudden and unexplained do get this checked out by your doctor.

For more information on the menopause you can visit the A.Vogel Menopause website.

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Menopause Good News and Great News

Springtime aspen leaves © lynette sheppard

I’ve been silent on the blog for a couple of weeks. Sort of a personal spring break phenomenon. I wasn’t just kicking back, going to the beach (although now that I think about it, it sounds like a mighty fine idea. Could be time for Spring Break 2 pretty soon.)

I didn’t forget my Big M sisters during “Break” however. You were all very much on my mind and inspiring me from afar. I just finished a big project to reach out to more menopause goddesses (see e-book announcement below.)

Work wasn’t the only constraint to posting however. Playtime figured largely into my schedule as well. I upped my hula classes to four times a week (I’m so sore) and all last week participated in a photography playshop. With all this work, exercise, play, and new learning, I barely had time to feed the animals and pay the bills.

So here are the latest news flashes from Menopause Goddess Blog.

Good news: Ladycare magnet seems to be working! (See review on the blog:  Cool New Menopause Relief Stuff.) My hot flashes have decreased from about 2 a day and 3 per night to 0-1 every 24 hours. I guess to really test it, I should now take it off for a couple of weeks, but I am understandably reluctant to do that.

I hardly notice that I’m wearing my Ladycare, although there have been some humorous moments when I’ve stood too close to the car or the dryer and my underwear suddenly “sticks” me to the metal object in closest proximity.

More good news: I am maintaining my weight post HCG diet. I eat all food groups with emphasis on healthy eating. I avoid corn syrup solids, processed foods (although I eat turkey bacon occasionally), refined flour, sugars and so on. I try to avoid food with additives or hormones – not always easy with our chicken or meat here on Moloka`i.

I eat sprouted grain bread (way more yummy than other bread), quinoa, brown rice, and I bake with amaranth flour. I eat lots of apples. Organic greens and veggies round out my diet. Newman O’s are a great dessert on occasion.

I have coffee in the morning, wine in the evening, and dark chocolate as needed. And my skinny clothes still fit. Best of all, I have lots  of energy and feel terrific. Life is good.

Great News: Menopause Goddess Lana Abrams at Mulberry West has  offered discounts for our readers on wonderful mulberry silk products. You can get 10% off your order by putting in a code when you click this link to this order page. You will be prompted to enter our special code: MPGB. Don’t worry; Lana does not save or sell your information.

Really great news: The Big M has been released as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iBooks. (Coming soon on Sony as well.) The book has a new title: Becoming A Menopause Goddess. Download a sample from any of these ebook stores. Links below. An ebook virgin or don’t have a reader? No problem.  All of these ebook stores have free apps for your computer, mobile phone, or iPad that you can download to get started reading if you haven’t ebooked before.  Ebooks are environmentally green and cost less than printed books. And they are much easier to store. For those who must hold a book in your hands, The Big M will still be available here.

FYI: book sales are the only revenue we get to offset the cost of this website. We are always in the red, but would like to be less so in order to continue our Menopause Goddess community. We have refrained from accepting advertising up til now because it’s annoying and clutters the site. No worries, we have no plans to go anywhere anytime soon. Just sayin’…

Best news: Springtime is here and we can celebrate it even while we enjoy the autumn of our lives. Happy Easter, everyone!

Becoming A Menopause Goddess links


Barnes and Noble

Apple iBookstore – download app and then search title.

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The (My) Real Skinny About the HCG Diet

Two weeks into the first maintenance phase and I’m happy to report that I have maintained my weight. I am only avoiding starches and sweeteners (natural and artificial.) Everything else is on the table, literally. Including one glass of wine a day.

I had one scary day in the beginning when my weight crested over the 2 pound limit. I followed the instructions for a “Steak Day” which is supposed to reset. Fluids only were allowed til dinner which consisted of a large steak and raw tomato. And voila it worked.

In 5 more days, I will start the last phase of maintenance where starch and sweeteners may be gradually reintroduced. I think I am ready.

That said, here’s my take on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the HCG diet.

The Good
I’ve lost weight in those troublesome abnormal fat storage areas – stomach, upper arms, thighs. And no, it’s not drooping. At least, not any more than it was before the diet.

I was never hungry during the diet.

My metabolism seems revved up; I have no cravings, and the weight is staying off.

I feel good – ready to tone things now.

It’s mostly in my rear view mirror.

The Bad
OK, injections. But they didn’t really bother me – and you don’t have to take it that way. Your MD can prescribe it for under the tongue instead. Or you can take the homeopathic drops, which I don’t understand, but at least one of our Venuses has done with great success. Heck, I sure don’t know everything.

Intestinal slowdown. Not everyone has this problem, but a lot of women (and men) do complain about it. Easily remedied with herbal laxatives or Smooth Move Tea.

I’ve heard many of my sister dieters claim that they never felt better in their lives, that they were euphoric taking the HCG. For me? Didn’t happen. I did not feel better than I’ve ever felt. I felt fatigued by afternoon every day. Luckily, I was able to talk to other women, including our own Menopausal Squirrel to realize that it was a perfectly normal occurrence. So I could quit worrying.

The Ugly
This is not an easy diet. It’s rigorous and for me to succeed, I had to frame it as going on “retreat”. Which is actually quite a wonderful way to spend 3 weeks, once you surrender to it. And I wouldn’t have wanted to do it and work in Intensive Care nursing doing the HCG diet.

(I read on one forum a note from a policewoman who said that she just couldn’t do it. She felt like she wasn’t at the top of her game and her partner’s life was dependent on her being sharp and focused. She quit after 3 days. I completely understand her choice.)

So would I do it again? Honestly, maybe.  But I hope I never have to. I hope that permanent change is not really an oxymoron. And I’ll be taking steps to ensure that my weight stays within a comfortable range.

So, my plan is to eat as much organic food as possible, cook with raw virgin coconut oil, eat sprouted grains or brown rice, drink 1/2 to 1 gallon of water per day, avoid sweeteners save rarely agave nectar, eat small meals with healthy snacks in between. Avoid processed foods, MSG, corn syrup solids, preservatives, hormones, and the like.

Exercise routines will be as before the diet – walk at least 6 days a week, lift weights 3 days a week, and dance hula, play golf, swim. (I may have been overweight but I was a very fit fat girl.)

Thank you to all my menopause goddess sisters for your succor and support during this process. I probably could have made it without you, but it would have sucked big time. I’m just sayin’…..

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From Matron to Skinny B*tch: A Menopause Weight Loss Story

Open Road © Lynette Sheppard

When you near the end of one journey, you begin another. So it is with my Most Excellent Menopause Weight Loss Adventure. I have embarked upon the first 3 week maintenance phase after losing the 16 pound turkey around my middle.

And so far, it is going pretty well. My energy level is still not back to pre-diet levels, but better with every passing day. They tell me this is perfectly normal.

I can eat anything except starches and sugars, so it’s pretty wide open. The most important thing to be aware of is to eat enough calories to reset metabolic rate to a more normal place.

Initially, I thought I’d have no problem eating enough. After all, this was what I planned and was ready for, wasn’t it? God knows, I’ve read these freaking books and my doctor’s instructions so many times I can quote whole sections verbatim.

Imagine my surprise then to find myself anxious and  a little afraid that eating normally would pack the pounds back on again. Intellectually, I know better. Emotionally, well that’s a different story.

So I did what any Menopause Goddess would do in such circumstances. I gave myself a good stern talking to. “Self,” I said. “Food is not your enemy. It’s life, sustenance, nourishment. EAT!”And I did. And I am. (I can be very persuasive at times.)

What has most intrigued me about the HCG diet, besides the science, is the metabolic reset that creator Dr. Simeons asserted as end result. God knows, with the advent of The Big M, my metabolism seemed to grind to a halt. The jury is still out as to whether that actually will happen or not; I promise to keep you all posted.

Here’s what I do know has reset. My taste buds. Eating without oil of any kind challenged me to use pure spices as flavoring. And my sensitivity to flavor is at an all time high. (By pure spices, I mean without any additives like sugar or MSG or other unpronounceable substances. Read the spice labels – you will be amazed. I bought garlic pepper without reading the label in the grocery store only to find it contained sugar.)

After this three weeks of maintenance, comes a three week period of adding good starches back into my diet, such as sprouted grain bread, organic potatoes, and brown rice. Sugar in moderation will be okay, but I’m not a big sugar person. Most important will be avoiding high fructose corn syrup (which they put in freaking everything) and meats with hormones and antibiotics.

Finally, the HCG diet is just one option or possibility for kickstarting metabolism and losing that midlife bulge. For example, my friend, Dee Adams of Minnie Pauz fame, has been walking and eating low carb – she’s lost weight and feels great. She also credits reporting to her many friends on Facebook with keeping her going. We might let ourselves down, but never our girlfriends.

Theresa Venus is trying new recipes from Cooking Light in addition to her daily workouts and pounds are coming off.

Lei Venus has taken to eating frequent tiny meals and has maintained her weight where she wants it.

My girlfriends, Bronwyn and Arlinka, have been visiting the gym 3 times a week and are in great shape. Bronwyn ran most of a marathon a couple of weeks ago. (She only planned to run half, but kept going when she hit her stride.)

There is no one right answer – no one perfect diet or exercise regimen that will work for all Menopause Goddesses
. The HCG diet seems to have worked for me. Only time will tell.

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More Menopause Weight Loss Adventure Stories

Ginger Mint Shrimp for the HCG diet

Week 3 of the HCG diet. My midsection and thighs have melted away – I look, well, like I used to. Which is pretty darn exciting to me. Here’s how it went this week.

Day 14  January 13
Down another half pound. Constipation overcompensation today. That’s all I’m going to say about that! I feel great in the morning, fatigued by afternoon.

Day 15   January 14
Down one pound. Very productive day. As per usual, energy leaked out by 2 pm. I’m not hungry, though.

Day 16  January 15
Up a half pound today. Otherwise, same stuff, different day.

Day 17   January 16
Uh oh. Scale didn’t budge this am. Could I be reaching the dreaded plateau? Not at all excited about this. If still no change tomorrow, will have to cut something out. Like what? My breadstick that is the circumference of a Q tip? My freaking apple?

Day 18   January 17
Weight down a full pound today, whew. I get to keep my tiny breadstick. Methinks my world has shrunk.

Day 19   January 18
Down another pound. Getting close to that goal. Boredom has set in. I’m tired of the few choices I have for meals. (Yes, whining – so unattractive but necessary sometimes.) Enter lifesaver Lei Venus with a recipe she has concocted for me of ginger shrimp with mint. We eat it with delicious microgreens dressed with the kai (sauce) the shrimp was poached in. Breaking the boredom cycle. (The chips in the photo are for her; she doesn’t need to lose any weight.)

Finishing up art project for the Sketchbook project. Better than doing is done.

The Girlfriend Cafe

Day 20   January 19
Weight no change today. Tired in afternoon and evening. To bed by 9 pm. Sleeping really well. Not hungry. Just bored.

Day 21   January 20
Down half pound this am. Took my last shot of HCG today. Just 2 more days of the VLCD (very low calorie diet) til it clears my system. Feeling really energetic in am, tired by afternoon. Mind numbing routine here. My clothes are hanging off me. Gonna have to pack away all my fat clothes, hopefully for all eternity.

Day 22   January 21
No change in weight. I may not lose any more if I am at ideal weight. I arbitrarily picked 135 as my goal, but my body may decide 136 is where I belong. Hunger should be the key. I’m hungry a little today, so that may be it. When the abnormal fat stores are depleted, hunger sets in, supposedly. We’ll see. One more day til the next phase of maintenance.

I’ve lost 15 pounds on my Most Excellent Menopause Diet Adventure. That’s a turkey! Or 3 bags of sugar! I have a 13 pound cat that I hate to pick up because she’s so heavy. I was dragging more than her around with me all day!!! I’m just sayin’……

Lei’s HCG diet recipe for Ginger Mint Shrimp. Measure out 100 gm raw shrimp (shelled and deveined) and set aside.  Slice longitudinally a 2 inch piece of ginger root. Add the ginger, sea salt and pepper to taste,  and 1 Tbsp of fresh chopped mint to  a cup of water. Simmer the water, ginger, and mint til half the liquid is absorbed. Add the shrimp and cook til just pink. Serve. Pour remaining sauce over microgreens. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more musings on the first 3 weeks of maintenance – the next stop on my journey. Oh and here it is again:

Big Fat Disclaimer For Obvious Legal Reasons: This diet is not for everyone – you must be followed by an MD or nurse practitioner who prescribe it for you. The FDA has not approved HCG for weight loss (but a physician can prescribe it for this use.) It is rigorous and requires discipline. I am not recommending this to anyone, just passing on my experience as information. Do with it what you will. Talk with your own health care practitioner.

Oh, I have mostly heard of integrative medicine or holistic physicians prescribing this. Just like with bioidentical hormones. To find a practitioner near you, check out American Holistic Medical Association or Women in Balance. Okay, enough with the disclaimer. You’re women. You’re smart and can think for yourself.

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My Excellent Menopause Weight Loss Adventure Part 2

Flying Light © lynette sheppard

Week Two of my excellent Menopause weight loss adventure is behind me now. I’ve been doing the HCG diet with daily injections of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and a 500 calorie a day specific diet. And overall, it has been relatively painless.

As of today, January 12, I have lost 11.5 pounds and broken past the 140 lb. barrier with my morning weight of 139.5. And as advertised, the weight is all melting off my midsection, thighs, and buttocks. Tatas haven’t changed. I was pretty skeptical that the weight loss would truly be so targeted. Go figure.

Day Seven   January 6
Down 1/2 pound this am. That’s  7 pounds of ugly fat gone! Slight headache which is gone after my morning coffee. Not really hungry.

Day Eight   January 7
Lost another 1/2 pound. Not hungry but tired and low energy after 2 pm.  I’ve been warned and read online in HCG diet forums that “irregularity” can result from this diet. I’m so there!

Day Nine   January  8
Lost another full pound. Am becoming one of those people obsessed with bowel function. Not a pretty development. Taking herbal laxatives and praying for relief. Oh, not hungry but a little  tired in afternoon.

Day Ten   January  9
Lost half pound. Lei Venus coming over for us to have an art day – I call and ask her to make emergency shopping stop at health food store for Smooth Move Laxative tea. Yep, I’m obsessed alright. We have a great art day and I spend productive bathroom time and all’s right with the world. Whew.

Day Eleven   January  10
Lost 1.5 pounds overnight (must have been that Smooth Move tea.). Feel weak, tired most of the day.

Day Twelve  January  11
Down another 1/2 pound. My body looks completely different – more like the me I remember from a couple years ago. Still, I feel crappy – tired, dizzy, out of it. My hubby is becoming worried that the diet may not be agreeing with me. I’m evaluating my options.

Day Thirteen  January  12
Down another half pound and feel absolutely great today. The only thing I can figure is that I must have had or been incubating some virus which never really took hold (my thanks to all the deities). I have plenty of energy – no problem working.

And I am loving what I am doing with spices, since everything must be poached, baked or broiled with no oil or anything. Curried shrimp with curried onions – yummy. Ginger 5 spiced mahimahi. Thai curry paste and shredded chicken in lettuce cups.

If all goes as the HCG diet experts say, this new found interest in spice without any additives will continue as I go into the next phase and beyond. Got to read those labels, though. I bought some garlic pepper – turns out it has corn syrup solids in it. Who knew?

Okay, goddesses, stay tuned for the next part of my excellent Menopause weight loss adventure. And here’s the disclaimer, once again.

Big Fat Disclaimer For Obvious Legal Reasons: This diet is not for everyone – you must be followed by an MD or nurse practitioner who prescribe it for you. The FDA has not approved HCG for weight loss (but a physician can prescribe it for this use.) It is rigorous and requires discipline. I am not recommending this to anyone, just passing on my experience as information. Do with it what you will. Talk with your own health care practitioner.

Oh, I have mostly heard of integrative medicine or holistic physicians prescribing this. Just like with bioidentical hormones. To find a practitioner near you, check out American Holistic Medical Association or Women in Balance. Okay, enough with the disclaimer. You’re women. You’re smart and can think for yourself.

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My Most Excellent Menopause Weight Loss Adventure

Transformation 2011 © lynette sheppard

Menopausal weight gain. Just when I think I have the answer of how to get to and maintain my ideal weight, the metabolism gets sneaky and finds a way to get even lazier. I kid you  not.

Up until now, I’ve been able to work reasonably well with the old “calories in, calories out” formula. But this last year, those pesky excess 15+ extra pounds returned with a vengeance, homesteading around my middle and thighs. And my butt. This extra weight refused to budge through the most well crafted, healthy exercise and diet regimens.
Then, I ran across a “new” diet called the HCG diet, which is actually old, researched and developed in Italy by a British physician in the 1950’s. Dr. ATW Simeons published his findings in a book called “Pounds and Inches” in 1970. While I’m suspicious of all diets, I still checked it out.

Here’s an oversimplification of the diet as I’m not writing a treatise on how this works. He asked himself why some people don’t gain weight no matter what they eat and others gain while eating the same diet, exercising, etc. He postulated that the metabolism controller in the brain would get confused and need to be reset. (Like post menopause.)

He developed a rigorous diet protocol using miniscule amounts of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) combined with a 500 calorie a day diet using only specific food, 23 days at a time. HCG is a hormone that pregnant women secrete that liberates fat stores for the fetus. Tiny doses do the same for those of us with abnormally stored, unavailable fat, usually located in the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and back of the upper arms.
Now you actually have to “survive” on about 2500 calories a day, not the mere 500 you consume, because the fat is liberated from those storage depots, meaning that you are not hungry or uncomfortable at all. Best of all, once the metabolism is reset, you keep it off. Alas, he never received much recognition, and in fact, had most of his patients sign confidentiality agreements to partake. Sound too good to be true? Yep, that’s what I thought, too.

Still, the science actually made sense to my nurse mind, so I asked my holistic MD about it.  He told me that he and his wife had just completed it and lost 16 and 18 pounds respectively, all around the middle. He agreed that I was a candidate, stressing that it is not for everyone and sent me off with a big reading list to learn about it.

At first, it seemed overwhelming the amount of planning and care and discipline I’d have to muster. But I was really at my wit’s end. Gradually, as I learned more, it seemed easier.

Menopause Goddess sister M (you’ll remember her as the Menopausal Squirrel) did it under the supervision of her integrative medicine nurse practitioner – lost the weight, reshaped her body, and is keeping it off. And then I found out that another Venus and her husband had had equal success.

So I studied the books, located the necessary foods, and had my lab work done. I then did a 2 week cleansing diet prior to starting.

I started my excellent adventure on New Year’s eve. That’s less than a week ago. I’ve lost 6.5 pounds, all around my middle. I’m starting to see a waistline again. And no, I’m not hungry, I feel great, and am rediscovering spices in a whole new way.

Like all good adventurers, I’m chronicling my journey. Here are my journal notes so far:

Day One     December 31, 2010
Injected my HCG this am in my belly fat. Even though I am a nurse, I was a little bit squeamish at first, but it’s such a tiny amount in a tiny needle that I got over that pretty fast.

The first 2 days are fat- loading days to build up structural fat (which is different than the stored fat that will be liberated). My MD told me that it would be the hardest part, especially after the cleansing diet. I didn’t believe him.

Like any true girlfriend, Rae Venus supported me in my first pig out day when we went for pizza and ice cream for lunch. French fries, cheesecake, BBQ ribs. Whew. Yuck. I’m over the fat loading already, but they say it’s important.

Day Two   January 1, 2011
Took my second injection this am. Tired of fat food already. Still doing my best. More pizza, fetuccini, garlic bread, huevos rancheros with lots of cheese. I’m so glad this day is over and I can start the VLCD (very low calorie diet) tomorrow. I cannot eat any more fat!!!!

Day Three    January 2, 2011

Lost four pounds on the cleanse, put two back on the fat loading days. That’s to be expected, but still it bums me out some.
Am injection. Coffee, tea, and water for am.
Lunch    Burger grilled, 100gm (measured raw) (about 3/5 oz.)  handful of salad greens with apple cider vinegar. 1 Grissini breadstick.
Snack:     Organic fuji apple.
Dinner:     100 gm grilled chicken breast, handful of steamed spinach. 1 Grissini breadstick
Not hungry at all – felt a little empty after stretching my stomach with all the force feeding past 2 days is all.

Day Four   January 3
Weight first thing in am: lost 1.5 pounds
Am injection. Coffee, tea, and water
Food stays similar to day 3, just rotating chicken, beef, shrimp, and white fish like mahi mahi. with large (measured raw) handful of veggies and 1 breadstick.
I feel great, no hunger at all. Too soon to get excited, I think. But I am.

Day Five  January 4
Lost another 1.5 pounds. Feel great. Easy to stay on this so far.  Am injection – food as usual.  Getting used to the routine, now.

Day Six   January 5
Lost another 1.5 pounds; fully expect this to slow down soon, but loving it for now. Wish me luck!

Big Fat Disclaimer For Obvious Legal Reasons: This diet is not for everyone – you must be followed by an MD or nurse practitioner who prescribe it for you. The FDA has not approved HCG for weight loss (but a physician can prescribe it for this use.) It is rigorous and requires discipline. I am not recommending this to anyone, just passing on my experience as information. Do with it what you will. Talk with your own health care practitioner.

Oh, I have mostly heard of integrative medicine or holistic physicians prescribing this. Just like with bioidentical hormones. To find a practitioner near you, check out American Holistic Medical Association or Women in Balance. Okay, enough with the disclaimer. You’re women. You’re smart and can think for yourself.

This is my story and I’m sticking to it. Stay tuned for more as the adventure continues.

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