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  1. Brenda Henshall

    I hope your still around..
    All I read I from 2011….

    I have vaginal atrophy…
    However aside dryness, itching and pain…i have “membrane thinness” the “V” at the bittom of my vagina has thinned. When i have intercourse its like an episiotomy…
    While the rest may look as big as this o
    It feels like i’ve been sliced in 2…
    Estrogen, premarin, nothing works for this thinking out….any thoughts…

    • LynetteSh

      Hi Brenda, Yes, we are still around – posting regularly for 15 years. Go to (type that into your browser just like that) – then put vaginal dryness in the search box and all the posts that pertain to that (and there are a LOT) will come up. Lots of ideas and options. Keep us posted – let me know if you have any trouble getting to the posts. Good luck – we know how it is! Lynette

    • LynetteSh

      Hi Brenda, Yes we are still around – posting for 15 years or so. If you want to go to the latest blog posts, go to (you can click on it). Put vaginal dryness in the search box and it will bring up all the posts pertaining to that (and there are a LOT). Lots of good info and options – hope this helps. All my best, Lynette

  2. Kirsty

    I tried licorice root extract for 10 ten days and I did feel it was reducing my hot flushes. However my blood pressure went up considerably and came back down after I had stopped taking licorice for a few days.
    Disappointing …..


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