We are committed to creating community and sharing our collective woman’s experience in order to help one another through the challenges of menopause, midlife, and more. We promise to be reverent and irreverent, bring our wit and our wisdom, and to engage in honest, open-hearted conversation. We are experts only in our own journeys, and make no claims or guarantees about any tips, techniques, or thoughts offered. Take what you want and leave the rest. Tell us your best. We may be on our own, but we are no longer alone.

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Beginning: A Forced March Through Uncharted Territory

Blindsided by the number of CHANGES associated with the big M, we decided to get some answers. We read books, surfed the web, scanned magazines, talked to our moms and our health care practitioners. The amount of INFO and DATA we amassed was staggering, enough to confuse our already befuddled brains for years to come. Most of it didn’t ‘speak’ to us – whether it was dense medicalese, the offering of a single technique or remedy as panacea, or an overly perky reframing of a life passage that we were finding at best ‘difficult’ and at worst ‘horrific’. Long story short, what we learned was this: we are utterly, completely, and irrevocably on our own. No map exists for this journey we have been forced to travel.

We realized that we craved was Wisdom, not simply information. We needed the kind of help and knowing that comes only from experience shared. That’s right – ideas, fixes, and helps passed from woman to woman in an atmosphere of support. And openness.. And chocolate.

Traveling Together – We Can’t Do It Alone
This is the biggest lesson we’ve all learned from our gatherings – we cannot travel this journey alone. We desperately need the community of other women to make sense of these momentous changes and find our way from chaos to coping to celebration. And yet, everyday we meet more women who are struggling in isolation, wondering if something essential is wrong with them, trying to DO it alone. That is why we are expanding our group of Goddesses with this Blog.

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