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Becoming A Menopause Goddess

Really great news: The Big M has been released as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iBooks. (Coming soon on Sony as well.) The book has a new title: Becoming A Menopause Goddess. Download a sample from any of these ebook stores. Links below. An ebook virgin or don’t have a reader? No problem.  All of these ebook stores have free apps for your computer, mobile phone, or iPad that you can download to get started reading if you haven’t ebooked before.  Ebooks are environmentally green and cost less than printed books. And they are much easier to store. For those who must hold a book in your hands, The Big M will still be available (see below).


Barnes and Noble

Apple iBooks

Laugh Your Way Through Menopause…
with Minnie Pauz

Cartoons and hilarious short stories from the very funny website: Website was created for women entering peri menopause and menopause, or “the change”. Now you don’t have to sit at the computer to get an uplifting chuckle! Buy one that you can carry with you or to share with the women in your world.

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