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Cool Your Sweats

For a good night’s sleep (finally) and relief from night sweats, the Simone nightgown is just the ticket. Made from hemp, it wicks away sweat, is heat moderating, and its antimicrobial action keeps your bedding (and you) sweet-smelling. Its breathable material is a natural help in getting you to stay asleep.

They include an e-journal with every nightgown that helps you track and identify specific lifestyle triggers that may be making your night sweats worse. They even have a Facebook Community where you can ask questions about what might or might not be working for you.

Order yours on the Cool Your Sweats website.

Julie May Lingerie

I am such a HUGE fan of this lingerie. I have been on a continual, exhaustive search for a bra as comfortable as my training bra, you know – the bra I didn’t really need. It was the last truly comfortable bra I ever owned. Julie May sent me some to try – and wow, just wow. I actually forget I have it on. The company is based in the UK – and they ship worldwide. I receive a small commission if you order using my link – but I never accept commissions from companies I don’t absolutely believe in wholeheartedly. Try one – you will not be sorry. And let us know your experience. Women sharing wisdom – that’s how we thrive through the Big M. For more info or to order – click here Julie May Lingerie


Fifty One Apparel

Fifty One Apparel’s  line of cooling clothing has me so excited. They let me try one of their tops and after test driving it, I can declare it wonderful. (I need to get a set of their lounge pants next for yoga practice and exercising.) The garments really live up to their promise of “Cool Clothes for Hot Women.” A majority of cooling fabrics use a “wicking” mechanism to draw the sweat away from the body leaving the body cool but their technology (originally developed by NASA) controls the production of moisture before it begins to form, so that the body enjoys a stable temperature. It really is revolutionary.  Fifty One Apparel is located in the UK – it’s easy for them to send via mail to the US.  Find out more and check out styles (and terrific blogs) on their website Fifty One Apparel.


Okay, I admit it. I am a wicking sleepwear groupie. These cooling pajamas have saved my sanity and my sleep. I collect Menopause sleepwear the way some women buy shoes or purses. Here are my faves!

Cucumber Clothing

Gorgeous wicking sleepwear is available for international shipping from our good friends across the pond in the UK. Soft fabric and flattering styles mean we don’t look like our grandmothers when we wear this nightwear to keep cool. Stay tuned because they are launching a new collection in March 2018 of loungewear and more so we can be cool in the daytime as well. I’m especially looking forward to these – living in Hawaii can be warm and steamy – the right clothes can be the difference between free and frazzled.

Cucumber Clothing Website

Cool Jams Wicking Sleepwear

Wrinkle resistant and great for traveling, I’m a fan of these jammies too. And Menopause Goddess Blog gets 5% of sales when you click through to buy these pj’s, which helps keep us in business.

Sleep Better Tonight With Cool-jams Wicking Sleepwear For Night Sweats. Free Shipping.



Attune Women’s Wear

attune image the M word

Attune women’s wear combines comfort and style for Menopause Goddesses. Based in the UK, they will soon be offering international shipping. I can’t wait. Check out their site:  Attune Women’s Wear


Simple Beauty Minerals – Makeup and Skincare

simple beauty samples

I love these products – they are natural and wonderful. I can’t say enough how much I love the makeup and the olive oil creme moisturizer (which has replaced my expensive department store brand.) Lisa Liguori offers us all the chance to try before we buy and 20% off coupon:  Click here for   You can’t afford not to use these wonderful beauty products.

Confitex Underwear

confitex underwear

Bladder leakage is a problem that affects so many menopausal and post menopausal women. It’s embarrassing, yet it doesn’t have to be. Now there are beautiful, sexy underwear to catch that extra moisture whether it’s only when you laugh or more frequent. Check out all the cool styles on their website:



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