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Forces of Nature Oils

A cure for Shingles? Or Herpes? Preposterous, right? As anyone who has suffered from any form of Herpes virus symptoms (and many menopausal women exhibit shingles for the first time in their lives), prescription medications can offer some relief or prevent outbreaks in some cases. (or as in my case, they can hardly work at all.)

When a dear friend told me about these oils, I was skeptical. Until I tried them. At the first sign of any outbreak, I apply the natural essential oil three times a day, and it stops it. Completely. I sound just like one of the many endorsements and grateful clients on their website. I used the H-Balm for Herpes outbreaks and the Shingles No More for Shingles. Their oils worked so well that I actually haven’t used them for years (knock on wood) but I keep a supply just in case.

They also have a Menopause Ease formula, as well as myriad oils for warts, immune boosting, acne, and so on.

Check out their website here:

Forces Of Nature

Neti Pot

A neti pot is basically a sinus cleanser, using warm water mixed with salt in a formula that approximates the salinity of body fluids. It works gently by gravity. A multitude of health benefits can be realized by simply cleaning our sinuses, even if we don’t typically think of ourselves as suffering from sinus trouble or allergies.

When I received my first neti pot as a gift from a dear friend, 20 years ago, they were only available from The Himalayan Institute’s Pharmacy in Honesdale PA. Today, they are everywhere, thanks to Oprah and others who have endorsed their benefits. You can buy them online and often at your local pharmacy or health food store.

Now you can get salt water nasal spray at your local pharmacy, but I don’t recommend it. These preparations usually have preservatives in them which are drying and just generally not something you want to put up your nose. Secondly, spray is under pressure which can actually push impurities up further into your sinuses rather than the gentle gravity method of the neti pot.

Sinucleanse is one online resource, but you can Google and find others. These days, I prefer the plastic version over the ceramic because they travel better. The ceramic are prettier.

Sinucleanse Neti Pot

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