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Rebalance Supplements

Rebalance Supplements do just that – rebalance your system so hot flashes decrease or disappear. Hot flashes are one of the most troubling symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. And sleep is so important during this transition. Find out more on their website here:  Rebalance Health


Morgasm lubricants

Vaginal dryness and decreased desire are huge problems for menopausal women. Morgasm’s special lubricants help with both.  I have tried them and swear by them. Orgasm is necessary for genitourinary health overall – these may be used with a partner or your favorite battery-powered device.

As it says on the Morgasm website, you start out slowly by massaging about a dime-size amount of Morgasm lubricant while self-pleasuring or prior to engaging in intimacy. Continue to caress gently; combine with saliva if desired.  As all bodies are different, start with a little bit and see whether applying more is better for you.

Morgasm’s use of l-arginine can help men with erectile dysfunction and arousal, so it’s a dual product for both women and men.

Morgasm comes in an original formula or a new organic CBD-infused formula.  (You won’t get high from the CBD formula or fail a drug test, it contains almost no THC and is legally compliant in all states.)

They might seem a little pricey at first but you use a very small amount each time. Find out more or order on their website:  click here: Morgasm


Joy Organics

CBD (cannabidiol) has been found to help with a number of menopause symptoms (and some post-menopausal ones as well.)



Joint pain, mood swings, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and genitourinary problems are just some of the difficulties that CBD can address. My mom began using CBD for her rheumatoid arthritis after all the heavy-duty drugs quit working. She was barely able to get out of bed and now can shop, cook, and get her hair done. She swears by it.

JOY Organicssent me a sampling of their products to try. They have CBD tinctures, gummies, soft gels, and more. They have salves and cream, and even pet products. And there is no THC, the active hallucinogen in any of their products.

I found my Covid-19 anxiety calmed by the tincture. The gummies are yummy, I feel virtuous doing something for my health while actually enjoying a treat. “It’s medicine,” I tell my husband.

My all-time favorite product turned out to be the energy drink mix. Full of vitamins, as well as some of my favorite natural supplements (acetyl-l- carnitine, maca root, and more) in addition to CBD, I found it was a great afternoon pick-me-up. So my next order will be for gummies and the energy drink.

Joy Smith and her family founded JOY Organics after Joy experienced her first relief of menopause symptoms and joint pain from CBD. Be sure and watch her inspiring story on the JOY Organics website.

And our community of Menopause Goddesses gets 15% off using the code MENOPAUSEGODDESS at check out.


Hello Again

Hello Again vaginal suppositories contain herbal supplements with CBD (cannabinoids) and help with symptoms such as vaginal dryness, insomnia, hot flashes, mood changes, lack of energy, and more. Small amounts of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) are also included – more in the nighttime remedy to aid in restful sleep. But no, Hello Again won’t get you high.

Hello Again was founded by Patty Pappas and Carrie Mapes – I love how women are creating products to help other women. You can read more of their stories on their website:  Hello Again Products. Patty and Carrie use Hello Again Everyday when they know they have a demanding day and want to be their best. Patty uses Hello Again Sleep every night. Carrie uses it every third night or so. There is no one right way to strengthen your V Force. There are eight suppositories to a box.



Join Spice Kit

Burning, itching, dryness, and vaginal dryness are distressing symptoms that happen when our hormone levels drop. Urinary symptoms often develop as well. But there is hope!

A Spice kit helps with (read is essential for) vaginal and genitourinary health. It features a kegel exerciser, lubricant, biodegradable cleansing wipe, and a lovely satin bag to keep it in. This easy to use kit not only helps re-tone and thus remoisten your vagina, it helps keep your genitourinary system healthy and strong. Nearly all women of perimenopausal, menopausal, and post menopausal age need this.

Spice offers a completely natural method for regaining your sexual and genital health. I’m more excited about this product than anything I’ve come across lately. Get yours today. Visit their website:



Vaginal dryness afflicts most menopause goddesses at one time or another. We wish to avoid products with parabens and other non-natural additives. Luvena does just that. I had a chance to try some of their products and I love them. I especially love the vaginal moisturizer and the daily wash.

You can find their products at Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, Amazon or on the Luvena site. Vaginal health is so important – take care of yourself. You deserve it.





Membrasin offers products to help with vaginal dryness.

Their Vitality Pearls are an all-natural nutritional supplement that works from the inside to nourish feminine mucous membranes – 100% estrogen free.  Most women see results and relief within two weeks.  SBA24® diffuses through your stomach, into your bloodstream, to ultimately make its way into the mucous membranes that support healthy vaginal function-letting you produce your own moisture, naturally.
And their intimate moisture cream is a perfect adjunct to the pearls.

Order on their website:  Membrasin




Menopause dries out our skin and accelerates aging. We lose collagen and moisture resulting in Estrogen Deficient Skin. Short of taking HRT, what are we to do?Emepelle answers that question with their natural serum and NIght Cream. They sent me a sample of each – and I have to say that I do notice a difference in how my skin looks and feels. I’ve tried other products with some limited success. I really feel like my skin is rejuvenated now. As I get older, I am less concerned with “how I look” and much more with how my skin feels, the general health of it. So I love the Emepelle product line.

Note that Emepelle products are available only from authorized skincare professionals and the online dermatology retailer It’s a bit expensive but no more so than many over the counter beauty products available at your local department store. Find out more on their website:  Emepelle.



Kindra offers a line of four products, developed using clinically tested ingredients and nature’s most effective treatments to soothe the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause. Kindra products are estrogen-free (don’t contain estradiol or progesterone) so are an appealing option for a broad spectrum of women, including those who are either not eligible for prescription hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or concerned about HRT side effects.   All Kindra products are available without a prescription at

At Last Naturals

At Last Naturals offers a variety of products to help us naturally through the worst of menopause symptoms and facilitate hormone balance. Fifty years ago, a pharmacist created these all-natural remedies. His daughter, a member of the NAMS (North American Menopause Society) carries on the tradition to this day. I tried some samples of their vaginal gel – it’s now my new favorite external moisturizer. I LOVE their MSM moisture cream and soap.

One of our satellite goddesses tried the Menopause, Perimenopause, and PMS support cream and pronounced it helpful in relieving symptoms such as hot flashes. Wild yam extract is the active ingredient with no fragrances, colors, or animal products. Find out more and order on their website: At Last Naturals.


This hormone-free natural remedy for menopause symptoms works in harmony with your body to help relieve some of the most common menopause symptoms.
Hot Flash Relief
Clinically shown to help reduce the frequency of hot flashes associated with menopause
Clinically Supported
Clinically shown to reduce the frequency of hot flashes and muscle soreness associated with menopause
Muscle Ache Relief
Clinically shown to relieve the muscle discomfort associated with menopause

Find out more on their site:

Kokoro Health

Kokoro Health was kind enough to send some samples of their natural hormone balancing creams for us to try. Their products are new to us, but they’ve been around for 20 years. We are glad we know about them now.

One of our satellite goddesses tried the Balance Creme Natural Progesterone and loved it. She is sleeping better and suffering fewer hot flashes.

Since much of the Big M is thankfully in my rear view mirror, I opted to try the Platinum FLS Fine Line Support. I REALLY love this. Of course, as I am of a certain vintage, I already use Vitamin C serum and a moisturizer. This product really helped even more decrease the fine lines (particularly that pesky frown line which drives me bonkers because I look worried or upset even when I’m not.) I’m sold!

I sent their Balance Creme PMS support blend of herbs to one of our younger readers (yes, we have readers who have not faced perimenopause yet, but they have moms and aunts and older coworkers they wish to support.) She has not tried it for long enough to know how it works – she will keep us posted.

Click here to go to their website.

Smoky Mountain Naturals offers a number of natural solutions for optimizing hormone health during the Pause. Progesto-Life is a natural progesterone cream. Estro-Life contains estriol, a natural estrogen. DIM promotes the metabolism of estrogen byproducts to address estrogen dominance which so often occurs in menopause. I highly recommend this supplement whether or not you avail yourself of supplemental estrogen.

And for those who are concerned about or cannot take hormones, there is Estro-Aid, an herbal menopause product that helps alleviate symptoms.

Check out their website here:  Smoky Mountain Naturals.  They also offer terrific blog and articles about a variety of menopause topics.




Femarelle is a natural soy formulation that helps relieve menopause symptoms. There has been controversy regarding the overall safety of soy isoflavones – Femarelle uses DT56a which acts on the estrogen receptors of the body’s tissues without being recognized as estrogen. This allows it to target symptoms relating to different tissues for maximum focused effort and results without the attendant side effects. Three different formulations are available for different phases of the Pause. Find out more on their website:

Peruvian Maca

Peruvian Maca


Maca Root is a Peruvian plant that boosts strength and energy. It is particularly helpful in hormone balancing and revitalizing lost libido for menopausal women. Available in powder form or elixir, maca root has virtually no side effects (though a small # of women report mild gas with the powder version.) A couple of our original goddesses swear by it. For more info or to order, please visit The Maca Team. They source non-Gmo, organic maca root from Peru. (I personally like the elixir!)

The Maca Team’s newest product:

The Morning Motivator – a superfood blend that is caffeine-free, organic, and great tasting that will energize your day in a healthy way!

And now, customers can earn extra purchase benefits when they register a TMT Rewards Account with The Maca Team this week! They can earn points on every purchase to get discounts on the maca products they love!

It is 100% organic, fair trade, GMO free, vegan, and made in Peru. This is a perfect substitute for coffee, tea, or energy drinks that stress your adrenal glands and cause energy surge to crash. For more information and recipe recommendations, please check out the site here.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 1.18.55 PM

Relizen is a non-hormonal, natural remedy made from a Swedish pollen extract. Clinical trials have shown it to be highly effective (up to 90% in some cases) in reducing hot flashes. This extract has been available in Europe for 15 years and has helped over a million women find relief from flashing. I only wish it had been available when I was suffering from them. (If you want copies of the clinical trials, click the “Contact Us” button on the home page and request them.) Oh and side effects? Same as a sugar pill.

Order it here:

Most of you know that I am a HUGE fan of anything that has no side effects and is a natural treatment for hot flashes and other manifestations of The Big M. Ladycare is a UK based company that has just begun offering its non-invasive, alternative therapy for menopause in the US.
Basically, it is a magnetic device worn in the pelvic area.  Clinical trials in the UK showed 33-67% of women reporting significant reduction  or complete relief from hot flashes and myriad other Big M symptoms using this device. Although I was skeptical when they sent me one to try, I am now a believer. I wear it all day and all night. (Note: It took about a week or two of wearing it to reach maximum effect for me.)



Hot Flash Eliminator


Hot Flash Eliminator’s healing effects come from a number of exotic flower essences, further energized with Reiki energy. Because it contains no phytoestrogens, it is safe for use by those with cancer, MS, or those taking estrogen suppressing drugs such as Tamoxifen or Evista.

Taken under the tongue, it relieves hot flashes within 15 seconds or less. (How I wish I’d had this when I was having those self immolating flashes years ago.) And get this, the Willow-Glen Folks offer a money back guarantee.

– See more at:




Emerita is a woman’s natural health products company that we recommend highly because we LOVE their products. We are lucky enough to have Sharon Macfarland, the former CEO of Emerita, as one of the core group of Menopausal Goddesses. However, we’d have availed ourselves of the Emerita line even if we didn’t know her.

Emerita’s Pro-Gest Natural Progesterone Cream and Menopause Plus Herbal Formula (soy free) are also one of the best products we know for hormonal balancing during the Menopause Transition.  They also feature a terrific line of skin care and sexual vitality products. And their cooling lotion can stop a hot flash in its tracks; I keep a bottle by my bedside and one in the car.



We’ve not tried this particular brand of cream – we didn’t know about it when we needed it most. Ona’s cream is the highest concentration on the market. She has a very helpful comparison chart on most commercially available natural progesterone creams on her website. I’ll let her explain more:

ona natural progest

Based in Long Beach California, Ona’s Natural Progesterone Cream LLC was created in the year, 2012. My role, as founder of Ona’s Natural Progesterone Cream LLC, is to ensure my vision and high standards by overseeing company operations.

Ona’s Natural Progesterone Cream LLC was created to fill a need, which I and many others have. Before starting this company, applying the amount of progesterone cream that I needed, daily, was a lot of work, expensive, very messy, and often with many ingredients that I was allergic to.

For me, to obtain a more concentrated form of progesterone cream was by “prescription only” and was quite costly. However, Ona’s Natural Progesterone Cream is formulated to be both a great skin cream that goes on easily and absorbs quickly, with no fragrances or any other unnecessary additives.

Customer satisfaction is my primary goal. I keep prices down by providing free shipping and including sales tax in the final price. I have a 110% return policy and make sure that customer service is excellent. The price you see, is the price that you will be charged and a purchase is only complete, when “you” are satisfied. Finally, you may try a free sample, to see if my cream is truly right for you.

Freshness is very important, so I ensure that each bottle is within a few weeks from its manufacture date. Inventory is kept in cold storage, until it is packaged and shipped.





The very first natural progesterone cream I ever used was Natural Woman by Products of Nature. When I was first beginning my menopause transition, I was suffering hot flashes and insomnia. Lei-Venus dragged me to our local health food store and bought me my first jar of the magic potion. It was a godsend. Within 2 days, I was sleeping through the night again. They say to allow 2 weeks for effect, but it sure didn’t take that long for me. And if you order three jars, the fourth one is free.

Products of Nature Website





Sleep Formula

  • NATURAL SLEEP SOLUTIONS have been well known for hundreds of years. Sleep Formula combines 12 of the known sleep address every reason for insomnia.If you can’t stay asleep you will love our Passion Flower. If you need to quieten your mind it will be our Inotisol and Hops Flower.
  • OVERACTIVE MIND, Anxiety, inability to stay asleep, hormonal changes, menopause, pain, stress
  • ADDRESSES THE CAUSE and allows for a natural sleep pattern with no next day hangover.
  • PROMOTES DEEP REM SLEEP, sleep all night and wake up refreshed. Safe to take nightly with no dependance.

More info can be found in this blog entry by Joanne Cornish:    You can order the Sleep Formula on Amazon.




Kegel Bell – Vaginal Exerciser

Do you pee when you laugh? Or sneeze? Are your lady parts dry or weak? Sure, welcome to menopause. You’re not alone.

We’ve been told over and over that Kegel exercises help promote genitourinary health and strengthen our pelvic floor muscles. Fair enough, but we have to remember to do them three times a day. I don’t know about you, but I would be diligent for a week, then some other symptom would pop up or I’d get busy or simply forget and I’m back to square one.

The award-winning FDA approved Kegelbell lets you do a “Super Kegel” by adding weight resistance to the exercise. And you can use it just three times a week for five minutes. You can even use it in the shower – make it part of your routine and voila – less bladder leakage, more of your own vaginal lubrication, and a revitalized sex life.

Mystery Vibe

The many wellness benefits of orgasm for women have been documented in recent studies. Regular orgasms lead to stress reduction, better sleep, a stronger pelvic floor, enhanced immunity, even improved cardiovascular health.

But if you don’t have a partner? What if opportunity is severely curtailed in these stressful pandemic times? What if your partner has ED or your sex drive has dropped off? There’s help.

Mystery Vibe devices are geared to facilitate sexual health and wellness at every life stage. Including menopause and the climacteric. Their mission statement says it perfectly:

“We Exist to Elevate Sexual Wellness With Deeply Researched Innovation & Actionable Knowledge “

My husband and I tried the Poco – it brought a much-needed sense of play and delight into our bedroom, a welcome change for this stay-at-home time. Find out more on their website:


The folks at VeeFresh let me try their new VeeGentle pH-balanced vaginal wash. And I love it. It really is gentle. No more itching or drying. I use it every day – and I’m going to keep using it. It’s my all-time favorite vaginal area cleansing product.

VeeFresh also has a product called VeeCleanse for odor and vaginal discharge which may be simply a result of pH imbalance, stress, and/or overgrowth of normal flora. And boy, has everyone had a lot of stress this past year! There’s even a name for this condition, it’s so common: Bacterial Vaginosis or BV. BV often afflicts perimenopausal and menopausal women. Restoring natural pH may be all that’s needed to relieve itching, discharge, and odor.

VeeFresh has a urinary health product. Urinary health goes hand-in-hand with vaginal health. I can’t stress that enough. That’s why it’s called the genitourinary system. (Also why it’s important for total health to do your kegel exercises – just saying.)

Hop on over to their website at and check out their amazing products. Even if you are feeling okay now, remember to be proactive and definitely start using VeeGentle cleansing wash. It’s never too soon to start paying attention to your vaginal health.

Vaginal Renewal Complex®, the feminine hygiene product from Gtechnologies can help restore vaginal health and ease the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness. CEO Olga Cohen shared her personal journey to the creation of this natural remedy on our blog. (Search vaginal dryness or her name to see it.) Discover for yourself how Vaginal Renewal Complex® made with natural oils is both safe and effective. NON GMO ( NON-GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS)  20 applicators per box. For more info or to order click here.

Genneve Natural Lubricants

Genneve natural lubricants help us with daily vaginal health as well as extra lubrication for intimacy. They contain no parabens, sugars, hormones or fragrances and are water soluble. I tried the products and loved them. You will too. Check out their website and be sure to sign up for their blog: the G spot. I recently did a podcast for them answering a slew of great questions. Check it out on their site soon. Here’s the link:  Genneve


Chiavaye Oil


Vaginal health is a personal crusade of mine. Even if we are not sexually active, it is critically important to keep our vagina and urinary system in optimum health. When Kaylyn Easton sent me a sample of this all natural lubricant and moisturizer, I was anxious to try it. And it is wonderful. It’s not greasy feeling at all – it feels like natural moisture. It’s also a great lubricant for sexual intimacy – and it’s edible. This coconut oil based product is a new favorite of mine. Here’s a link to learn more or purchase it: Chiavare oil.


NeuEve vaginal suppositories were developed by Renjie Chang, MD, OB-GYN to treat vaginal dryness , atrophy, and vaginitis. She created it and tested it on herself. All natural formulas come in 3 strengths for severe vaginal atrophy (painful intercourse), a regular formula for mild dryness or after recovery from severe atrophy, and a formula for maintenance once moisture has returned. All natural ingredients include palm oil, sunflower wax, tapioca starch, lecithin, lavender oil, orange oil, and vit E. I tried the Level 1 formula called Silk and I’m a believer.

She also has a product called NeuEve cream for vulvar itching and dryness. It really works – I can attest to it.

Find out more on the website:


mae by damiva

Has sex been uncomfortable, even downright painful? Does your vaginal feel dry? Have other products left you feeling messy or full of chemicals? Many women feel the same way as you do. This Canadian company surveyed thousands of women and that’s why they made Mae by Damiva, an all-natural vaginal suppository.

Mae by Damiva is formulated to a balanced pH of 4.5, with homeopathic ingredients in a plant butter base.

You can count the number of ingredients in Mae on your hand! Five, cinqo, 5, cinq, need we say more.

1. Homeopathic amounts of Calendula (marigold) for itching and inflammation

2. Homeopathic amounts of Hamamelis (witch hazel) for itching and pain

3. Sucrose is natural sugar

4. Cocoa butter (same as in your chocolate) is a soothing butter that is also used in hemorrhoid products

5. Kokum butter (also known as mangosteen) provides a luxurious feeling

None of the goddesses has tried this yet, but I’m (Lynette)  going to be the first. It’s only available online in the US – readily available in stores in Canada.  Check out the Damiva website for more info.


Moon Maid Botanicals



I flat out love Moon Maid Botanicals natural salves. I use the Vital V daily and the Lover’s Lube for intimacy (coupled with either Aloecadabra or Emerita personal lubricant. For me, more is better!) These salves are so nurturing and they are made with all natural ingredients. If you want vaginal health and intimacy, you can’t afford not to have them. They sent me a couple of samples and I’ve been hooked ever since.

More info and ordering can be found on their website:




Aloe Cadabra is a natural personal lubricant, made as the name suggests, from 95% organic aloe. It’s a wonderful adjunct to intimacy for the menopausal woman (and I just love the name.) I alternate using this one and Emerita’s Natural lubricant.



Made with the finest quality botanical ingredients and free of harmful additives, Lubrigyn features a silky, non-greasy lotion for daily feminine care, hygiene and comfort; and a rich moisturizing cream that soothes, protects and lubricates.

Unlike conventional soaps and body washes, Lubrigyn Lotion cleans “by affinity,” which means it draws out impurities with natural oils instead of harsh ingredients or harmful lather. This method of cleansing safeguards and nourishes the hydrolipid film that protects the delicate skin around the vagina. This keeps you feeling comfortable, confident— and sexy.

Lubrigyn products are doctor recommended and Italy’s #1 choice in feminine care.

We tried these products, and WOW. So wonderful. (And they even have wipes, which we took camping with us – fabulous!)  Love the idea of cleansing without soap – and they are conveniently available at CVS stores.

Find out more on their website:




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