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Hot Girls Pearls

Most of us undergoing the Big M found that putting ice on our neck or the inside of our wrists helped stop hot flashes. There are now even fancy wristbands made commercially that do the same without the mess and melting. But they are expensive. Enter Hot Girls Pearls. They gave me one of their necklaces to try and boy, is it great. Especially in those dog days of August when I flush or flash more than usual. (Yes, even though most of menopause is in my rear view mirror, I still have hot flashes, just not as often or as severe.) You just freeze the  pearl necklaces or bracelets, put them on, and voila – cool and comfortable. They have a non-toxic gel that stays frozen quite a while – and they look great. I chose gray – they also come in white or black. What a fashionable answer to hot flashes! Check them out on their site:  Hot Girls Pearls

Koldtec Cooling Towel

The Koldtec towel is made from bamboo fabric that is cooling and wicking. Perfect for Menopause Goddesses. Originally developed for exercise or travel to hot climates, the Koldtec folks have found that it’s been a boon for menopausal women. It actually is an ice towel so it is much cooler than watered towels. The Koldtec towel keeps you 5X colder than an ordinary cooling towel. It stays frozen 25% longer than regular ice and naturally contours to the shape of your neck. It’s the world’s coldest cooling towel!

It’s wearable and looks pretty nice too. For more info, visit their website:  These days, you can’t afford not to have one!


BedJet is a truly amazing innovation. They sent me one to try and I fell instantly in love with it. So did my husband. We sleep at different temperatures – he likes it cool and I fluctuate from day to day now that I am post menopausal. Sheesh! Dual temperature control without wires or special pads or mattress toppers! And that’s so important now that I have the perfect mattress – I sure don’t want to change it.  Cool off or warm up nearly instantly.  BedJet is quick relief for hot sleepers, night sweats, evening hot flashes, cold feet and cold legs, cold winter sheet shock and memory foam mattresses that trap heat. There’s even a Bluetooth Sleep App for intelligent remote control from your smartphone or tablet. They say that the Bedjet reinvents your bed to become one of the most delightful places in your home.  I totally agree. Click here to learn more – you won’t be sorry.


Recent research shows that light and time aren’t as critical to a good night’s sleep as temperature. Especially head temperature. Enter Moona – a high tech solution to sleep problems. By cooling your pillow so you fall asleep faster and adjusting coolness throughout the night to keep you asleep, Moona is a godsend for those who toss and turn. It works with an app and tracks your sleep data, warming your pillow to help you awaken gently, feeling refreshed. Moona was developed by a couple because she suffered from chronic sleep problems. They worked with Nantes University Hospital to create this unique and successful solution. (I may have to order one myself!) Side note:  it’s pretty, which is important to me, though a good night’s sleep is more important. Find out more on Moona’s website:


Mulberry West

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 3.20.12 PM

Menopause Goddess Lana Abrams started her line of products when she turned 50 and things started heating up. Like they do.

Mulberry silk comforters and blankets are naturally wicking and cooling while they keep a woman warm. Mulberry silk is a natural fiber that contributes to temperature control, repels dust mites and bedbugs, resists mold and mildew, and lasts longer than down or synthetics. And it meets the luxury requirement, too.

Menopause Goddess Blog readers  get a 25% discount on all items with this code: goddess2017.



Blow Me Cool

BlowMeCool Sign

BMC package - pic 141

Cooling relief you can hold in the palm of your hand, this wonderful little fan is a quiet powerhouse that can tame those pesky hot flashes. It recharges via USB, so no disposable batteries. I love the name, I love how it works. The company sent me one to try – now I have to buy one for my husband! And some for my girlfriends. Great gift for a Menopause Goddess sister.

Menopause Goddess readers can claim an additional  10% discount by entering  – MGB18 – as a discount code upon checkout.

Check out their website to order today: Blow Me Cool



No Sweat Linens by Perfect Linens


The No Sweat linens are designed specifically to dispel moisture and prevent and help with those pesky night sweats.

Here’s more about their specific attributes:

Perfect for sweaty sleep from menopause, pregnancy or high humidity.  Scientifically proven to increase sleep duration.

    • Dispels perspiration at twice the rate of cotton.
    • Exceptionally smooth for relief from itchiness.
    • Durable anti-microbial finish inhibits germs and bacteria.
    • Medium-soft nylon/polyester blend.  Made in USA.
    • Oversized to fit mattresses up to 19 inches (17″ Twin size).

Find out more on their website – they have many other excellent comfort sheet options as well.

No Sweat Linens



Slumber Cloud

Slumber Cloud offers wonderful technology that actually cools rather than wicking away moisture after you are overheated. Though I have not tried their Nacreous Mattress Pad, one menopause goddess raved about it after her hysterectomy. They have a number of other products, too. Anything that helps us get a good night’s sleep is a necessity. Check out their video:

Visit them at

Sheex Bedding and Pajamas


Cooling sheets and pajamas can make the difference between a good night’s sleep and that sluggish lethargy that we so often suffer in menopause. I have not yet  tried this bedding – right now I am hooked on linen sheets. Still, they sound very promising – if you try them, please let us know how you like them.

I do love companies started by women, so I included the story of their start (from their website.)

The SHEEX® Story

On August 25, 2007, Michelle Brooke-Marciniak and Susan Walvius were coaching basketball at the University of South Carolina. They had just finished a long day of teaching at camp and we were sitting in the gym, exhausted. Michelle, a superstar athlete and fitness fanatic, was wearing her favorite performance fabric athletic gear in which she frequently trained. Susan was also wearing the same gear but made a different connection on that summer day. Where Michelle liked it for its superior moisture-wicking and quick-dry features while working out, Susan stated that she “loved the drape and the feel of the fabric against her skin” and then commented, “I would love to have bed sheets made out of this stuff.” Without blinking an eye, Michelle said, “let’s do it.” So began their adventure to transform the bedding category and help people get a better night’s sleep on performance fabrics.   Order on their site:
Fine and Folded Fans
Locally owned and designed in Austin, TX, Fine & Folded Hand Fan Co. was inspired, after a sweltering trip to Tokyo, with a mission to bring hand fan culture to the U.S. Best friends, Carmen Sutherland and Suzanne McGinnis have a selection of beautiful and useful folded fans. A lovely way to cool off – and they fit in your purse.

Menopause Mop

Menopause Mop For Hot Flashes

Menopause Mop For Hot Flashes

The Menopause Mop is a must for any Hot Flasher’s handbag. This fashionable cloth goes everywhere with you so you can delicately mop yourself after each surge. Three “sistas” created this for those of us who are tired of using paper towels, tissues, and our sleeves. Choose from a variety of shapes and fabrics. And as the sistas say:” it’s neat, it’s discreet, and it really does absorb the heat.” Order yours at

Sales support the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance


Night Bliss Bed Fan

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 3.12.36 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 3.12.48 PM






Formerly called the “My Breeze” cooling system, this remarkable system consists of an ultra quiet, high power electronic fan that works with most bedding styles, including waterbeds and beds with footboards. Programmable with wireless control, it stops hot flashes and promotes restful sleep.

I was lucky enough to get a prototype to try just as I was trying to decrease my HRT. What can I say? I love, love, love this fan. It has saved my sanity and is helping me get off HRT. I just can’t say enough good about this. And I love that it was invented by a concerned spouse for his wife while she was going through the Big M.

Basically, you can set duration and power of the fan to go off at the first sign of a flash. You trigger it with a little switch, (I wear mine around my neck.) It stops the flash before it gets going, and then you stay asleep as it turns itself off. So no heating up and then freezing as with a fan that stays on continually. (I tried one of those; it didn’t work for me.)

Read more in my blog entry about Night Bliss/My Breeze: Click Here

For more info or to order, visit the Night Bliss website.

Chili Pad Cooling Mattress Pad

I have not personally had a chance to try the Chili Pad, but it sounds like a no-brainer. A mattress pad that cools makes all the sense in the world. Here is an endorsement from one of our satellite Venuses who has used it:

“Hi Lynette,

I love your blog! The down-to-earth suggestions and support I’ve received here have really helped me through perimenopause. Thanks so much for taking menopause off the list of taboo subjects and all the support you provide.

I want to recommend a product to you and your readers. It?s called ChiliPadTM, and it’s a mattress pad that cools (or heats) the bed. The single zone ChiliPadTM allows you to adjust the entire surface of the bed to your desired temperature. The dual zone ChiliPadTM adjusts each side of the bed to its own unique temperature. The ChiliPadTM is especially useful for women going through menopause, as it helps both with hot flashes and insomnia.

ChiliPadTM is part of a legacy of sleep innovation – a step in a family history of caring about sleep solutions (the founder?s father created the waterbed). ChiliPadTM technology uses water instead of air to generate a range of temperature adjustment from 46oF to 118oF. Similar to the semi-conductor technology that cools your computer, water passes by the chip and depending on the direction of electron flow the water is cooled or heated. The water flows through soft coils in the mattress pad actively adjusting the temperature of the surface. There is nothing but water flowing through the mattress pad; all temperature change happens in the control unit placed conveniently under the bed. The motor is virtually silent (under 20 dBa) and has been designed to fit under a standard bed frame. It is controlled in one degree increments with a hand held remote. There is a ChiliPadTM for every size bed from twin to California king.

Also, the ChiliPadTM is guaranteed by a 90 day money back guarantee when purchased from Chili Technology. Please visit this link to learn more:





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